2 October 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Laugh Now Cry Later!!!

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  Every time I see people enjoying more than enough, I feel pity and scared for them. One should remember what Garud Purana says- "One has to see and experience hell and heaven, both on this earth. What happens after death is totally another thing but during our life itself, we get the lessons of our karma". Life is too short to waste it in things that has no association with truth or whatsoever. When you see stories such as Mahabharata and Ramayana, you will find that every good character in the show talks and does only things that has something to do with their future. When you do things that will end up in the moment itself and carries nothing ahead in life, remember, you are doing life wrong. And there can be no crime bigger than doing life wrong for yourself. Its a very surprising fact but also a dangerous one that life is given to mankind only once and whatever he achieves stays with him till his last breathe. Hence, wrong doing always stays in your mind somewhere even when you are totally submerged into something. You would be remembering your childhood times when u used to do some mistake and always feared whenever someone used to knock your door that mom and dad would come to know and you'll be thrashed. That's exactly what I'm talking about. 

              There's a formula that I read somewhere that the amount of time you invest in laughing, you will have to cry for the equal amount of times. Hence, while leading life, always try to be balanced. One gives a wonderful excuse saying that life is too short to take it serious. But then, life is not even such an easy game that will give you fruits for free. Anyone who is serious about his future, wants to smile after some years, gets along with a routine that's very hectic and busy. They strive. Their tears are only visible to them. And hence, because they cried a lot once in struggle, pain and hard work, they smile, laugh and celebrate for all their life. People see that their favorite superstar, cricketer or some other celebrity is celebrating life daily that means they are telling us about life being interesting and only about parties. But they don't see the struggle and tears that they went through in their initial days. Such smiling days only come in conclusion. If you believe to experience it in your initial days itself then you are asking your life to be strict with you all along. 

                 When I have previously said the same to some of my friends, they replied back saying that they don't cry ever in any situation hence how can I guarantee their laughter in future. Well, talking about tears, yes, I am indeed talking about the literal one. But it also has another meaning to it. When you work all night, you find tears automatically rolling down your cheeks. Your eyes turn red. This is the exact form of tears that will give you laughter in result. If you'll entertain yourself every time you get a chance, if you'll always spend your time in doing things that are extremely funny and wonderful rather than engaging yourself in something that's really meant for you to do in order to make your future what only 5 percent of population gets, you will never achieve things. Yes, I believe that there are examples of people who have enjoyed their youth and also done well in future but these are either those who have their father's backing or they got serious after a point of time in life or they hided their working hours with others and showed as if they are only involved in activities that are bizarre. Yes, you never know. Even your best friend can lie with confidence. Never trust anyone when it comes to life.

                Ask any successful person as to what his success actually is and they'll tell you the sacrifices they made to achieve the goal that is not even the dream of crowd. Hence, the things that make you laugh are surely the best entertaining activity of the world but it's a big distraction of reason of your birth. And please don't say that you are meant to be a common man. No one is destined to just take birth and die without doing something incredible or creating for the human kind or even for a group of people. Earn so much that you don't need to save anything for your future. And I'm not talking just about currency notes but about anything that is feasible for earning. :-) So, make sure that every time you are laughing, you are digging a reason for crying later on. Hence, only laugh when you have cried for the same amount of time first. And you cry from heart only after you give your best to something. Go for the work now. Bahut ho gayi baatein. :-)

P.S.: Well, this is 200th Blog Post of 2013. :-) Thanks for staying together.



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ani said...

ya man u r right....we really have to experience hell n heaven in our course of life...!

it was a v.heart touching blog abhilash...its kinda wake up call for me...!

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