17 October 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Festivals are not only about spending money!!!

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     Dussehra, Navratri and Eid, all ended today. With it, almost 90% of the festive season is gone. What an entertaining days these are! We wait for the second half of the year to begin so that we can enjoy the get-together, music and celebrations. Today itself, I might a friend after 2 months when he came to house with mutton on the occasion of Eid. This is what festival does to us. I met another friend after 3 months. Life has been so busy for everyone that each one of us finds our bedroom more comfortable than anything after we return back in the evening. And this has made us so lonely and self-dependable that we have lost the meaning of building relationships to advocate our life further. But even after these festivals end, we can keep celebrating them all our lives. How? Through the message that it gives us on the basis of why they are being celebrated.

           Every Indian knows that Dussehra is about good winning over evil. It signifies and tells all mankind to stop indulging into bad activities as the survival of them is not possible on this planet. It tells us that one day a good shall come and kill the evils in a stroke. But we don't take it seriously and a day comes when we get the result of all our Karma and then we start thinking as to why didn't we end all our bad deeds on time. My only job on each festival is to search about it on Google and know its origin, purpose and the process of celebration. And this has also helped me achieve a good rapport with the people of other religions as they feel good talking to me because I know much about them and their religion. They find a common topic soon. I also have habit of asking many questions. This helps in aggravation of knowledge and also the person who feels that a person sitting opposite to him is interested in his proceedings, he loves to answer each and every question. Festivals are always like a task for me to know as much as possible about other religions and castes because this is the only way how we can come closer to other human beings. 

           When I get to know that even Eid is about forgiving your enemies and getting friends with almost everyone you know, I feel good about the religions that are being made though I am against them. At least they convey good message for humanity. If everyone would start following only the good things that festival teaches us, I assure you that there would be no fights and physical aggression among people. It's only because people take festivals as a motive to purchase new clothes and products, that it all ends up in loss than win. Festivals are never meant for wasting money on show pieces and being proud about it. It always mean that your soul must get cleaner than yesterday. It asks us to remove all the negatives that we have let ourselves soak in in last 365 days. It asks us to produce a new person within us which is all about being good, a better human being and the one who can be said as a contributor to the society.

            There are many bad traits in everyone of us. If we don't work in eliminating them and developing good ones, there will come a time when only bad things will happen to us. Hence, do celebrate the festivals but try to know from your elders about their origins and note everything that they tell. Though you might feel that some stories behind these festivals are purely fictitious but still, consider them as a true event and pick up good events out of them. Try to embed them in yourself and you will surely feel better about everything that surrounds you. The attitude of complaining is really sick. Until and unless you will not stop complaining about things that you don't like, you will never find peace in life and goodness among people who are wanting to have you in their lives. There are still many festivals to come- Diwali, Christmas, New Year etc. Make sure that you don't let them pass just like that. :-) That's all I wanted to speak today.



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Rightly said ...STOP complaining ...start performing !!!

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