27 October 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Ladies and Stars!!!

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      Evening has been lovely. The occasion of Hoi Ashtami where mothers fast for their sons and break it only after seeing the stars in the sky. Well, stars toh sky mein hi dekhte hain na, main bhi! :| In the cities like Mumbai, we don't often get to see the stars in the sky the way we get in the villages. I don't know how and why but this is true. Once upon a time, my friend Rishab Dahiya shared a post on my blog where he spoke the same how he missed the stars after shifting to Delhi. This is one truth that every one of us who have witnessed the night life at village misses in the cities. Why has God not blessed cities with stars? May be because people here do not have time to cherish them and give them the importance that's needed. People keep on working till 2 AM-3 AM and by then, they are enough tired to do anything else than sleep. In villages, people wind up by 10 PM or most by 11 and hence, they get enough time to have a good interaction with stars. Also they are the ones who get to see sun rising in the morning as the people here in cities can not imagine themselves waking up at 5 AM. Both the lives has their respective excitements and thus, a person like me can adapt to both the situations having his native in village. And I have no disregard for it. I am totally proud of being a part of villages that comprises 90% of India.

           Talking about the Hoi Ashtami, its a festival that often comes just after Karwachauth. In our India, this is the reason that we love and respect ladies more than anything else. Even when a lady gets old, she is been respected in the same way as she was when she held the whole responsibility of handling the house. Her sacrifices and personal commitment for the family always stays above anything. A financial contribution from man is always seen secondary in comparison to what woman does for the house. It is she who makes house into a home. And a home into a palace. It is she who fulfills the requirement of the atmosphere that's needed in a house to make it smell like heaven. The day I don't find my mother at home after getting back from college, I feel as if leaving the house myself. The karwachauth and hoi ashtami's fasting that these ladies keep out of faith or superstition, whatever it is, is pure and hence no one questions that.

            Otherwise, I am a person who always loves debating on what I feel illogical. I questioned my mother yesterday itself that if she gets sick because of fasting and all as I was concerned about her low blood pressure problem, she can refrain from keeping it. She replied saying that it's necessary as its for long life of son and husband. I asked her then wasn't my chachiji doing it with seriousness that chachaji expired at such a young age and my mother was blank. She smiled at me and said that she do not like thinking about all this when it comes to her husband and son. Now that's what every lady is. Hence, whenever there's a crime against a girl/woman, everyone stands out in support without judging the victim because they remember just one thing- the love that our mothers, sisters and wives have been providing us with time. A boy will never think of taking home something for parents after a trip or something but a girl always have in mind that she has to take a shirt for her father, purse for her mother and sunglasses for her brother. This is what the enigma of dear girls/ladies are.

               People dream and read about Super Heroes but actually these ladies who gives so much inputs in the family are the ones because of which whatever little bit of peace we have in houses today otherwise everyone would have lost their controls and made this planet a planet of violence as they show in Hollywood movies. Osho has rightly said that women is to be loved, not to be understood. We can never understand them because we aren't so pure and committed for our family and others the way they are. And you'll find our society and you yourself disrespecting the women around you who isn't concerned about anyone else than her own self. The only reason is that we have started assuming women as the ones who are strongest and extra-ordinary and hence if we find any woman being mediocre or below par, we feel low and pity about them. On this Karwachauth and Hoi Ashtami, I salute all those women who sacrifices so much for their families yet do not repeat the deeds that they perform for our well beings and safety. :-) 



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