23 October 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Karwa Chauth!!! Is not keeping it a sin?

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   Oh well. So did any of you make noises like "awwwww" seeing my post after a long time? I know your answers. :-) Well, many husbands are making these sounds today seeing their wives fasting the whole day for them and their longevity. Karvachauth has been ended with the arrival of beautiful moon in the sky. In Mumbai, Karvachauth means media trying all their ways out to get the sight of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan's terrace. Crazy media and crazy audiences. Loving the stars is another thing and following them like a bullshit is totally different. Our Indian tradition allows us to pay respect to almost everyone in our family. Sometimes, its our mother fasting for our father, then mothers fasting for their sons on Hoi Ashtami, fathers touching feet on their daughters on the occasion of any puja or havan. Sisters tying rakhi to their brothers and brothers presenting them with gifts etc. The list will go on but our festivals won't end. There's even a festival where we pay respect to those who are not with us known as Pitarpaksh. And that's what makes me proud of being an Indian and not ashamed because of what my government is doing with its citizen. There are enough reasons to enjoy the tag of Indian than being disappointed of what we are. 

           In our modern world where there's less commitment and more ostentatious activities, we find such people fasting on the occasion of KC that it astonishes me and I feel like washing my face to get the facts clear. Its an old story where we find husbands fasting for their wives and trying to show them that they love and care for their wives as much as they do for them. This impresses some wives and they become quite darling types on the day of KC and remains to be the same for a week or so and suddenly gets back to their same format of being Master and treating men like slaves. Haha! No offense meant. And it's good to do such things until and unless it brings happiness and prosperity in house. Sometimes, it becomes a superstition that the day I started doing it so and so things started happening with me that changed my life for good. And we shouldn't be judgmental to these decisions of people. Life is big and people need different motivating criteria to remain in the flow that takes them further towards achievement.

            I have always believed in one thing that if the environment at home isn't favorable and peaceful, any member of the house cannot do things that they are supposed to do with ease and speed. And therefore I respect my parents a lot for giving me the conditions that has allowed me to pay attention on all the multiple works that I do throughout the day and in every hour. These days even girlfriends keep fast for their boyfriends. Now this is what KRK calls as 2 rs activity. Don't do things until and unless you are sure about your future. If my girlfriend would ask me about keeping fast on KC, I would say a straight NO because that's not what states the dignity of relationship. But if she keeps, it will be a cute thing but still, that's not what can give me the real pleasure in comparison to what her way of living life will give me. 

             There are many wives who do not keep KC. Well, there's nothing called sin in it. It's totally an individual's wish if one should follow an event or not. But I must say while talking about this that one should follow traditions and culture that comes under our religion. Well, let there be no logic or science behind keeping fast once in a year for your better half but still you should keep. There shouldn't be 2nd question to that. My chachiji kept for my chachaji since her marriage from last 10 years but still chachaji expired at the age of 35. Now this does not mean that my chachiji didn't keep all those vrats seriously. She did. And this also does not make the concept of Karvachauth nonsense. Everything is still legit and a purpose of life. The ones not keeping fasts may be 100 times a better wife than those keeping fast with all the determination of world but still, on such a cool occasion which reflects only the purity of us, we should treat it as compulsion than a formality. A very happy married life to all the married couples on this occasion of Karvacauth on my behalf.

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