13 October 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

And MR. SACHIN TENDULKAR departs :-(

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    A dusk that will never be a predecessor to a dawn. An evening which will always remain to be dark and assures that there will be so sunlight ever on the planet. A failure that tells that success has diminished for ever. A last child on Earth which clarifies that there are no more generations to come. An unfortunate moment that everyone knew would lead us to pain but still there were question as to when is it going to happen. Every parent know that their girl will get married and leave them forever but still the questions keep coming,"Shaadi kab karegi?" The such was our own question to which we got the answer in headlines- "Sachin Tendulkar announces Retirement from Cricket after his 200th Test". Suddenly, the happiness that people had for the win of Mumbai Indians in Champions Trophy doomed. The whole nation came to a still. Everyone knew this can happen anytime and people also wanted Master Blaster to leave the field now as he has also lost his form a bit but still when the announcement came, it broke heart of many. I started shivering for 5 minutes but then I realized that all happens for good.

            24 years of Cricket experience and it all ends up in such a shaky way that we, the fans of Tendulkar, are not as happy as we should have been. We wanted him to keep scoring centuries till the end of his career but we saw our Master Blaster struggling to score even 30 runs in some of the last matches that he played. From last 2 years, we are seeing a man who started off as a tsunami and kept destroying the opposition till the 22nd year of his career but suddenly, the age started showing its effect. Not every player plays till the 40th age but he dared to play. Once when asked in the interview as to why he didn't leave Cricket just after winning World Cup which was his only dream and was scoring very well to which he said that doing this is so selfish i.e. when someone is at his career best, he should retire just because people will say for all the life that the person kept hitting runs even when he played the last match of his life. This is his greatness. He does not want to be known as Perfectionist but only as a Cricketer who kept playing no matter what.

          There are many examples that Sachin has left for us to get motivated whenever we feel that we are on the verge of losing or are already a loser. His story as to how he scored 140* in 101 balls in the very next match that he played just after his father's demise tells how one has to keep working in life in any tragic situation. His slog of 2 years to get his 100th 100 tells how to keep going even when Critics are making sure to utilize each seconds of their in scrutinizing and then speaking against you. The humility that he showed off-ground is what makes him the man he is. He never spoke against anyone. He never got into any controversy. He only talked about Cricketer and never gave comments on anyone who's not related with his career. He only spoke good about people whenever he talked about someone. His body language whenever he was with his family showed how good a family man he still is even after getting himself known all over the world. That's Sachin Tendulkar for me.

           His records are well known but well, I don't judge his persona only through his records because there's lot more in Sachin Tendulkar than the runs that he has produced from his bat. For me, he would remain the only pure, clean and character Cricketer. Well I am not saying this in emotions but there is a reason to it. After Sachin, I have started loving Virat Kohli as a Cricketer but I find him abusing, shouting, screaming and over-reacting. This is how I never saw Sachin Tendulkar as. I always found him reserved and in his own world. Shahid Kapoor recently told an incident in his interview that how he met Sachin Tendulkar in a lift one day. They were staying in the same restaurant and there was a Test match going on. Sachin, in helmet, pads and all his dresses on was standing in lift besides him. Shahid says that he was in his own world before batting and hence didn't even see that he was standing besides him. Later on, when Sachin moved out of lift, his bodyguard told him that Shahid is in lift and then he turned around and said,"Hi Shahid". Shahid like a small kid said,"Hello Sachin. I am your great fan". Sachin smiled, thanked him and went. This is the demeanor of this man. And now that he has retired, every time I would be sitting in front of television to watch India's match, for once eyes will go through the list of Scoreboard to search his name. And that would be a very emotional moment. Thank you Sachin Tendulkar for being an institution to us. :-)



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Ritesh Agarwal said...

I never watched cricket for cricket. I watched cricket for sachin. His departure is agonizing. My days with cricket are over. Great tribute to our sachin, Abhilash

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