4 October 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

24* Years of Experience as a Learner!!!

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 There's something called emotions that my soul is currently overwhelmed with. It always happen whenever there's a kind of achievement that everyone meets in life- either successful in his profession or say life or not. These are natural achievements. Like- getting graduated, getting a job, marrying, becoming parents, buying a bike of your money etc. And there's one that is happening with me today. I have turned 24 years old without putting any efforts in achieving this flagship in my life (Well, what a co-incidence that from 4th October, 2013 itself, a TV serial named 24(years old) is launching. :-)) It had to come. And it has come. The day is with me. Birthday does not fascinate me anymore nor does the number of calls that I get as wishes. Yes, the feeling with which people do really touches my heart and I pray for everyone the next day in Sai Temple but there's no excitement for celebrating birthday and letting 100s of people around me know that I'm a BIRTHDAY BOY today. No! For me , birthday is a day of analysis. A day of getting into past and connecting the dots and finding out how far I have come. 

             An odyssey of life is the most immeasurable thing. It is rightly conveyed in a song of Mr. Rajesh Khanna,"Zindagi ka safar hai ye kaisa safar. Koi samjha nahi koi jaana nahi. Hai ye kaisi dagar chalte hain sub magar Koi samjha nahi koi jaana nahi". After living for 24 years on this Earth, experiencing the ambiance of different cities, meeting thousands of people, interacting by exchanging almost infinite number of words while conversing with human kind, reading so many books, I still don't know what will exactly happen with me after a minute or two. This is how unpredictable and amazing life is. I always believe that living life is interesting only when it is exciting. And its exciting only when you don't know the outcome of decisions that you are taking today. One decision changes our whole life. And a decision is taken in a second. And this tells us how every second plays a part in our life. People waste days in watching TV and going for trips, I love spending each second with myself. It gives me authority to enjoy life more than anyone else. A second totally with yourself is far better than a lifetime with the interesting people around you.

           I love reading and listening to interviews and speeches of great personalities or say, legends. And I have always heard great people saying that they found themselves the moment they started living with themselves by isolating from world. Amitabh Bachchan said it when he was at home away from world during his bad phase in 1990s. Shahrukh Khan said it recently after a lot of unfortunate events happened with him. Amish Tripathi says that he wrote this incredible masterpiece only after he isolated himself from all the entertainment, friends and movies. And seriously speaking, as I follow such kind of people like a staunch devotee, I became the same at the age of 24 years itself. It didn't take me 40 or 50 years of living to get these facts clear in my mind. Reading these people made me learn the philosophy in such a young age itself. And recently, I have almost boycotted my phone. I don't pick calls anymore. I have asked everyone to whatsapp or mail me their important work if there's seriously any. Or else, for chit-chatting and planning to meet, I am no more available. I am committed to a person named Abhilash Ruhela now and I don't want anyone else to disturb me when I am with him. Well, don't think otherwise. Haha! :-)

            And hence, 4th October, 2013, is special for me not because I am celebrating my Birthday but because I have realized what life is and what I am. Only when you spend time with yourself by keeping everyone away from you is when you find what exactly you are, what your thoughts are, what your plannings are and how much potential of changing world you alone have. Being with friends and always chit-chatting, enjoying and celebrating life only takes away the energy from us and gives us nothing except some great photographs and likes on Facebook. And Facebook is such a fake world. Once you log into it, you already lose who you are. You become an attention seeker.
      At this point of time, the only thing that I have realized is- Loving myself. At any time if I feel that this particular person is wasting my life or trying to get benefits out of me, I isolate myself from him/her. I try to keep negativism as far as possible. I just want to keep learning something or the other. I want to keep achieving different segments of life. I want people to take my name every time they talk about anything. And this year has been very wonderful to me. Last 365 days has been more progressive than my first 23 years. :-) I have posted my 700th, 800th and 900th blog post in this duration. I have read more than 75 books this year. I have played event's Host/Anchor at college for 2 times in last 3 months. Also danced on stage for few seconds. :-) Also went up to Semi-Finals in a Debate Competition. I played a main part in a College Skit too which was a new experience. I have met or seen my idol Amitabh B, Amish T this year along with many other celebrities like Mahesh Bhatt, Minissha Lamba, Sanjeev Kapoor etc. I have earned more than what I could have got if I would have been in job after graduation. I joined gym that has been my resolution from a long time and it's already more than 2 months. I also got my laser operation done this year. Now, no more specs in life. :-)I have also learnt driving(4-wheeler/2-wheeler) and I will get a licence this year. :-) My academic results are also between First-class and Distinction. :-) I got published in a book in February. It's Hindi translation is also coming in this month end. 

           I am also learning to cook these days. I am going to get a hardcore training of it this December by none other than my Mother and by the end of 2013, I would be a great cook too (confident because of the teacher :-)). And I got my Tablet that I always wanted to have to be with my passion of writing wherever I am. I have also completed 100+ fasts that I keep for my health and also for spiritual reasons on every Thursday. I am done reading half of Bhagawad Geeta after already completing it once. This time, I am getting spiritualism more clearly. :-) I got all the juniors' admission done for MCA in the college they needed. I love doing this. This year, I am already done with 200+ Blog Posts. By the end of this year, I would be done with 1000 Lifetime Blog Posts. I got my opinion published in Hindustan Times too. I am also having my Graduation Degree. On Twitter, I have people now in 4-digits with me. :-) ETC...

           Well, I am not boasting about myself but I am just telling how I want to be in every field that's possible to conquer. Next year i.e. after my Cooking classes with mother would be done in December, I will be joining Swimming and Piano classes too. Let's see if I will be able to do it or not. :-) So, my dream is to be everything that's available for mankind. I don't believe in the mediocre thoughts that one person has only one ability. It's up to a man how to enable himself in almost everything that's conquerable. And to achieve everything in life, one will also have to sacrifice a lot. And hence, I have sacrificed many entertainments from life. I have also told my close friends to not to disturb me by calling regularly or asking to meet again and again or whatsapping me without any real work/problem. My friends and family are giving me space and that's what I want as a Birthday Gift, nothing else. I want myself to be at the zenith first. Relationships can be maintained at any point of time. But once the time and age shall pass, they'll never come back. 

            From tomorrow, I'll enter the 25th year of my life. I wish to get mature- more than what I am today. I want to be double of what I am now. I want all the success to come to me. I never fear hard work. I am always open to it. Even now, a project is being assigned to us where I have myself chosen 9 topics to do single-handed-ly while other 3 group members are doing rest 7. That's how I am. I have also started waking up at 5 AM daily to adjust my timings. Now, I do my writing job in peace and with fresh mind in the morning while I do my college work in the evening. On this Birthday, I just want all of you to pray for my success. I want to serve mankind with a new creation. I hope I will be able to produce something extravagant some day but till then, I need all of you to forget me so that I can get time to be with myself, understand what actually I am, of what element I am being made up of and what exactly I can achieve in life. And also, the multiple works that I do on daily basis, I don't have time for hanging around but one day I hope I shall be a participant of. But for now, I don't want to be. :-) A day defines our life in miniature. And hence I want each day of my life to be successful so that I can judge what my life is going to be. And Life is a message to everyone. I am making it sure that I pass on the right message. :-) Enough of the lecture now. Happy birthday to me. I hope I do a lot of work today itself. That's how I would be celebrating.



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happy birthday Abhilash.

Soulmate said...

Happy Wala Birthday Abhilash! Take care, keep writing your heart out and all the best for your future ahead. Loving this post just the way you love yourself :-)

And I am looking forward to hear more about your cooking lessons in
future posts :-) Enjoy and keep rocking ( as usual!)!! :-)

Anonymous said...

belated birthday wishes Abhilash

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