24 October 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

MCA 1st Year Accomplished!!!

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   My latest Facebook update is,"I was scheduled to be born on 22nd October, 1989 but I got delivered on 4th October, 1989 itself. Haha! That was the curiosity I had to see the world. But 22nd October had to be special. Yesterday, on 22nd October, 2013, I got my result of MCA 1st year and I have cleared it successfully with First Class marks. Thanks to everyone who pray for my success! Special thanks to Rahul Gupta, you have been a wonderful teacher!". No, Rahul Gupta isn't my teacher or a tutor but he's my classmate. For the Mathematics paper, I asked him to teach me the subject as I was knowing nothing even before the 3 days of examination. He took his time but as soon as he came, he devoted everything of his to make it sure that he teaches the whole subject to me. Even the questions that I asked him to leave as I won't understand them because they are too hard for my IQ, he purposefully forced me to read them and understand. The subject in which almost half of our class failed, even both of us did- Yes, both Teacher and Student. Haha! Then we gave it for re-evaluation and the result came yesterday and both of us passed with the same marks. This shows that how he made me as capable as himself in the subject. :-) My respect goes for him.

           As I have passed MCA 1st year without any black spot, I can say that I am quite happy about the proceedings. I am quite motivated and excited for the future journey. Yesterday itself, my classes for MCA 3rd Semester ended and with it, I am almost done with half of this course. More 1.5 years to go and I am very sure that I will surpass all the obstacles and achieve what I want to in life. Yes, problem comes in everyone's life but that does not mean one should stop or cry over that. One has to face the uncertainties of life and yet, simultaneously, indulge themselves in what they have planned for their future. Studying a course like MCA needs commitment. Yet after giving all the commitments, I find myself trapped in the results in one or the other subjects. I know the same will repeat in future semesters too but I am going to give my best to this journey as it's been selected by me. There has been no insistence from parents or I am not doing this to fulfill my father's or mother's dream. It was my dream to be a BCA+MCA and hence I admire my life every second. Whatever I wanted to be, I am living it. I don't need to dream anymore regarding my dreams. I am already into it. It's the reality of my life now. :-)

           As my 3rd Semester has ended just now, I would like to share some exciting moments I had which I think has played a role in developing a bit of my personality. I got a chance to anchor Fresher Party which I loved doing because I had my best friend, Vandana as co-anchor. We did everything the way we were asked to. They asked me to be humorous while I ended being a tragic host. Haha! Seeing the tragedy I created, they again appointed me a Host in Teacher's Day event. Again I had my partner, Vandana with me. And even this went well. Then there was a skit in college about Manager and his role. I wrote the script and also played the role of Manager which was a totally new experience. I was having a feel of being an actor. Haha! After 1.5 years or something, I got chance to give a presentation recently and I tried my best to be best. Only the sleeping classmates in their desks can tell what was better- their day dreams or my presentation. :-) Rest, everything has been happening and wonderful. Now, its time to prepare for the examinations and I am sure that it shall be different this time. Till now I was indulged in Group Study but now I have decided that it's going to be the lonely affair. I want to see what I, individually, can achieve. Let's see. 

  Thanks to everyone who has been with me throughout. All of you shall always remain special to me.


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