7 January 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Riding Bicycle May Be Tougher but Living Life is Not!!!

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            I hope everyone reading this know how to ride bicycle. If not, it's good for you because nothing is better for a body than walking, jogging and running. :-) But if you know, you will relate to some upcoming sentences easily. When we start to learn how to ride a cycle, we always need someone to support us. This person who trains us make it sure that he always hold the bicycle by its carrier so that anytime when we would be losing control, he will save us from falling down. Finally, a moment comes when we think that our trainer is holding the bicycle but we are unaware of the fact that he has left it 2 minutes ago itself and we are riding cycle on our control since then. That is the moment when we rejoice the most because we acknowledge the fact that we have learnt how to be faster in life. We know that now we can ride this vehicle and get our job done as soon as possible rather than walking slowly every time to get a job done.

             Then, when riding cycles become a routine, we know that initially when we start pedaling, cycle makes us put all the efforts that we can. But later on, once we put all the efforts, the speed of the cycle get its momentum and it starts running while the cool air keeps on kissing our face. :-) When the cycle is at its best speed, we love riding it with more speed. But, then comes a moment when bicycle either faces a puncture or the chain comes out of its axis(don't know the specific word for this. Huh!). Then, our cycle begins to slow down and finally it stops. That's the most angry moment we face during the ride. But somehow, we try to fix it ourselves or ask some or the other passer-by to help us. Even when they fail, we move towards a mechanic who is expert in fixing any problem of a bicycle. Finally, he does our most wanted job of the moment and asks for some money in return. We pay it happily and start pedaling our cycle once again. It takes time as discussed above but we finally gain the same speed again. :-)

           Many of you would be thinking as to why am I giving a commentary of someone who's learning to ride a bicycle. But no, I am trying to relate this part of our fun with our beautiful life. Doesn't it go in the same manner. Initially, we need our parents' support in whatever we do. They keep on supporting us. Finally, a day comes when they leave us to eat alone, bath alone, sleep alone and go to school alone. We tremble initially but later on, we get accustomed to the fact that we can do all the stuffs alone without their help. We start dreaming and finally, when we realize what our dreams are during our teen years, we start our journey towards chasing them. Finally a day comes when we find that we are almost living our dreams as the journey towards turning them into reality is no less than living the dream itself. :-) Then we realize that it's the best part of our life and we want no change in it. But suddenly, an obstacle comes and the craze that we had for living the life blurs. We get depressed. 

             Suddenly, we talk to our friends and best friends as to what can be done to get to the track again. Some times, they are successful in guiding us but when they fail, we run towards the experts- Our Parents. They scold us for keeping things as secret but makes it sure that they fix our punctures. In return, we promise them that we will always keep them happy and do whatever they'll ask us to. And we get back to our life. It takes time to come on track but as soon as we gain the same speed again, we start living like crazy and with passion. And this is how, we start enjoying our live once again. Seems to be so easy, right? Actually, it is. If you will relate your life with such examples, you will always find your life to be very easy. And remember, as cycles are manufactured by companies like Hero, our life also has a manufacturer- And he is GOD. Never forget to pay him the MRP of your life. And yes, this does not mean that tomorrow you'll go and drop Rs. 5000 in the Donation Box of a nearby temple. Do it by praying and thanking him continuously. That is all God wants from us. To thank him for all good we have. As the manufacturer of cycle gives warranty of 1-2 years, even God gives warranty of your life till you are unable to walk and speak. After that, it's you who is responsible for whatever happens in your life. 

             Okay sorry, I have started making this post tougher. :-) And yes, also remember that when you ride bicycle, you are always alone with handle in your hands. In the same way, the handle of your life is in your hand and no one else can ride your life for you. Some of you might think of trolling me by saying that some times we have a pillion sitting behind on our carrier. It's true. In life, your pillion comes after you are married in the form of your children. After they come, they become your responsibility. Now, you can't ride your bicycle by thinking only about your fun and speed. You will have to take care as to what your child wants from you. So, next time you are riding a bicycle, enjoy the ride considering that it's your life. And once you will be over with your ride, you will live your life with more ease and comfort. I am guaranteeing you, it is seriously this easy. Yes! Just do it today itself and share the experience. 



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Writing Buddha said...

Exactly, Ashwini C N

Gwen said...

You are right. No one else can ride our lives for us. We have to be aware of the course that we take.

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