7 January 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

5 Years Since My GRANDPA became a PAST!!!

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Yes, he looks a typical grandpa :-)
            It's just a start to another beautiful year and since last 5 years, we celebrate the 7th day of the year as my Grandfather's death anniversary. In 2007, when we were called on 29th December to our native place as Doctor finally called off and said that they can not try any further treatment on my grandpa and if my Chacha wanted, he can call all the close relatives as soon as possible. All my uncles live nearby and hence they reached the spot within 10 hours. We live 2000 kilometer away from our native place and hence, I and my parents were worried if we would reach at the right time. I was the closest to my grandfather in all my cousins hence I always had abundant amount of love and respect for him. For others, he was just a grandfather but for me, he was always more than that. At last ,we reached at the right time. On 31st January, we were at my native place. On the same day, we were taken to the hospital.

             At last, when my turn came, relatives didn't allow me to go alone. Hence, they asked my cousin to accompany me as I was very close to her at that moment. It was a horrifying moment for us because the last time we met was on my Birthday which was again the time when my grandpa was in hospital and struggling with death. And this time, we were meeting on the occasion of New Year yet at the moment when it was almost assured that my grandpa is going to leave us in few hours. As soon as we entered and we saw our grandpa lying there in a position that we never imagined him in, we held each other's hand and just kept on looking at him after however mumbling "Namastey Dadaji". Somehow we touched his feet which was under too many wires by making it sure that we weren't troubling his frail body. It was unbelievable to see that a man who was in Indian Air Force once, exercised daily during his young age, jogged when he turned enough old to understand that he can not exercise with his equipment-s anymore :-) was lying in this position. 

             Today, when I remember that scene, I get scared thinking about what my old age would be like. I always pray God to keep death of my elder ones whom I love little less painful than a deadly one like my grandfather has gone through. I don't know why God didn't listen to me this time but I take it as a punishment given to him for smoking all his life as he died of kidney failure. That moment itself made me resolute that I would never try any such addiction throughout my life. And now being 23 years and 3 months old, I can proudly say that I have never touched any of these alcoholic substance and I promise that I never will. I will prefer to die at home rather than in a hospital in a condition that no one likes to be in. But still, leaving this one habit of his, my grandpa remains to be an inspiration to me. 

            I have already given one reason above. The way he kept himself healthy was beyond any ups and downs of this world. He never compromised with anything when he used to see that the clock has stroke the time at which he has to wear his Sports shoes/costumes and move out for exercising. :-) Second, my grandpa was an addicted reader. Since my 2nd std that I remember all the meetings with him, I always saw him with some or the another English novel in his hand. He never sat idle. Even when all the relatives used to gather and talk/do masti, he used to sit in a corner and read his novel. It was his world. For three months, he came to our colony. I made him visit the library that I never visited. :-) In the span of three months, he completed reading the whole library and asked me if there was any other library. :-) Later, when he realized that he was about to die, he gave all his collected favorite novels to me as he believed that only I deserved to be given those as I would keep them with care. I still have all those novels with me which I don't share even with my father. :-) It is his trait that is been passed on to me. Thank God, the good one has come over here :-) because my father chews tobacco, bad one went to him. Haha!

            He has this bungalow at our native place which all his sons want to distribute it among themselves but the genius mind of this reader has done something of an intellectual level that this bungalow can never be sold to anyone. What a KLPD!!! Hahaha!!! He always said to his sons," I want all of you to keep this place as it is so that whenever any of you would not have a job, can come and stay here easily because if any of you will be given money in spite of this, you will end up spending all in some or the other welfare of your family". Genius. Haha. On 7th January 2008, when he finally breathe his last, he went with a disappointing fact that his favorite grandson is a loser and a failure who is struggling in 11th std itself for the second time. I hope he would have been alive today to see this space with so many readers. I would have got the best feedback/compliments/criticisms from him. How lucky I would have been to make my grandfather- the best reader I have ever seen to read my work!!! But for now, I hope he is reading my work from the heaven which is made for dedicated persons like him. Wherever you are, Dadaji, remember, this grand child of yours will always remember you every time he will pick a book to read. That is what you have left with him of yours. :-) 

          May His Soul Rest In Peace!!! 



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