22 January 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Treat the Person, Not his Ideologies!!!

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            You would have noticed the kind of posts I have been writing since the Delhi rape case. It's all blunt and too straight-forward. Though I am loved for these posts but still, I try to be diplomatic sometimes. I try to give a message through my posts and move out from the space but since 2013 has arrived, I am just trying to do something as bold as Rakhi Sawant but in different space and unique style. Haha! Many of you might have disliked my views but thankfully, there's no revolt against me at a beautiful Landmark in my town. :-) The issues on which I have talked about are all related to what a certain section of society thinks or certain individuals believe in. Some of us think in letting women explore themselves while some of us think to block them within the four walls of bedroom. Some of us want our children to study in corrupt India while some of us want them to study in some International University outside India. This is how the clashes of ideologies has to happen. And I don't think that until and unless there are clashes of ideas, there's any fun in interaction with anyone, even with best friend. 

            But I want to spread another message across through this post which I have learned with time. Though there would be some events when you shall know that the ideologies, principles and morals in which you believe are exactly what should be the case but still you will find many people against you. For an example, respecting every elder is good and valid. But still there will be certain people who would ask you not to respect certain elders because touching everyone's feet isn't good as some of them are of lower caste than our's. Your brain might get a virtual injury hearing to such cheap mentalities of good and rich people around you of a very sophisticated society. :-) But then, you will have to deal with them. My motto of this post is to tell that let the ideology of the person with whom you meet every day be extremely opposite to what you think/believe but yet make it sure that your relationship with him/her isn't getting affected. Make it sure that both of you are not discussing that segment of topic. And it becomes easy to deal with society and people.

            As I always say that I am against relationships. My friends are committed to their partner- some from last 1 hour while some from last 10 years. But whenever I meet them I make it sure that I am not asking them about their partner. This makes me comfortable and cool. Because listening to all the illegal acts they are involved in, I will surely get pissed off which I don't want to. I love my mood the most in life and I can't spoil it because of someone's love story. Seriously. Hence, I never ask them about what's their relationship status. Secondly, the biggest crime that I do in life according to some non-dreamers is not sleeping for more than 3 hours daily. I make it sure that I don't discuss with them what I do when I am at home. Because once the schedule will be discussed, I'll end up telling them that I saw my clock ticking 5 AM and then I slept which will raise a stupid, unambitious and discouraging speech. I don't even discuss it with my father.

             Then, a topic such as of religion. There are some people whom I find are over-religious and then I find some who are not religious at all. I hate both the categories. I love the people who work passionately by keeping all the faith in God and taking the almighty's name whenever they get time in a day. Hence, with other pious and atheist people, I don't discuss religion. Because, the ideology does not matches. Then there are people in life who loves partying a lot while there are others who don't even like to attend a small hang-outs too. With such people, I never discuss as to what I feel about partying and hanging outs. Because I know that they will end up in debating as to why should one get involved in useless glamour and noise pollution.

              It's simple. Everyone is familiar with the opposite directions of Salman and Shahrukh Khan. The only reason about this is the clashes of opposite ideologies. If they would not have discussed that but only about their work throughout their life, their relationship could have been as sweeter as it was, once. The best example is the relationship of Amitabh Bachchan and Bal Thackeray. Everyone of us know that Amitabh Bachchan is a silent and non-violent personality while Bal Thackeray was aggressive and violent. But still their relationship was very strong till the end. Why? Because whenever they met they discussed movies and cartoons rather than what Amitabh Bachchan thinks of his violent approach in politics. BINGO!

              Ideologies will always differ whenever you are in communication with human beings. The best part is to keep the relationship filled with all the talks except those where the ideologies are totally opposite. My parents and few relatives always asked me to withdraw this Blog from Public medium initially but I made it sure that I am not talking about the space with anyone of them. Even when they wanted to, I used to wittingly switch to some another topic. That resulted in good relationship till today. Now, they want to discuss my blogging as a good activity but I still keep it away from discussions. :-) Once decided, almost decided for life. :-) I don't even discuss my Blogs with my friends because I know, everything that I write her would not be appreciated by them. So why to maaring kulhadi on my legs? :-) The people who want me to get married before 28-30 years of age are never allowed to discuss the topic of marriage with me. That is how I live. Otherwise, I tell you folks, these anti-ideologists  people can kill someday through their shabdon ka baan itself without using any weapon. :-)

               Hence, always try to keep the relationship with any individual intact with all the talks except that pinches you. Make it sure that you are not touching the topic even by mistake. If you do, remember- A relationship can only be moved ahead if you will compromise with some situations. You will have to forbid discussing anything that's related to your interest which is their disinterest or something that you hate while they love the most. So, keep the distance maintained while conversing with anyone so that you don't land up discussing the wrong part, thus creating a bad image for the person and never ever wanting to talk to him/her again in life. Let your friend screw 100 girl friends but make it sure that when you meet him, you aren't discussing his Play boy life. And never ever break friendship/relationship with anyone because of clash in ideology. it's most stupid thing to do on Earth. It's simple. Isn't it? Follow The Rule. Never ever discuss with me as to why my Blog Posts come when Sun starts preparing to rise and spread its brightness across the globe. :-) 



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Dowdy gal said...

How true.There are a whole lot of people out there ,who tend to force their ideologies upon others. Differences of opinion doesn't make anyone inferior or superior to other's.This seems to be nicely and clearly stated in this post. :-)

Saurabh Chawla said...

apt title to the very much apt post. Nicely written.

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks a lot M.. I am happy you agreeed...

Thanks Saurabh Chawla sir

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