27 January 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

When Its For "Your" Happiness, Why Ask Someone's View?

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            Hello World! No, this is not the way I enter my Blog world every time but this is the way how every Programming Language of Computer begins with. The first lesson that we get is to print "Hello World!" on our screen. So I thought to enter the Blog space with these words today. May be this Semester might go better than the last one. :-) Time is the only element that I don't waste in life but sometimes the schedule that parents ask to give it to them, all the time goes in making their To-do list fulfilled by leaving ours. When parents can sacrifice half of their lives for us, why can't we devote some time for them? Hence, I sacrifice my schedule some times. Yes. Concentrate on my words- "Some times". Because today they have what they need. There will be a time when they won't have enough money to have what they need, I am just preparing myself for that phase of their life when I will their only support being a single child. :-) They know this and hence, they support. Yo!!! 

            Coming to today's lecture- Whenever we feel that we need to surpass our current status and move to the next great level, we start identifying our needs and finally buy/purchase something that we were in awe for. Some times, we even buy what we never decided but it attracted us in flick of seconds and we end up having it. Take an example. You are earning 3-4000 RS every month part timely after college hours. Now you need to purchase something for your happiness. You end up buying a Mobile phone for yourself. Now, you end up showing your handset to almost all your friends in happiness that you purchased it with your money. Several comments comes in and you feel satisfied with the transaction that you made. But some times when you don't get favorable and wanted comments, you end up getting depressed and you start disliking your purchase. This is something that hurts me. This shouldn't happen. 

             When you do something for your needs and happiness, you shouldn't ask anyone else about what's their view on it. Let it be in their very own place. You be determined with the way you are enjoying your life. You are happy with a QWERTY keypad phone that you got in 3000 RS but some one might show you a beautiful touch screen phone from a Branded company in the same price. You will end up killing your excitement and will to earn more and do something for your standard of living. Be what you were at the time of purchasing it. Remember your budget and requirements. You needed a phone with QWERTY keypad in 3000 RS and you never had any brand in mind. Just that someone else is adamant about buying a Branded touch screen phone, you get depressed with your purchase. No. This shouldn't happen. It's your hard earned money. Always be happy with whatever you have purchased. Keep reviewing your own product rather than asking others as to what's their take on it. These people don't have any take about your emotions but only about the product. Such people should be kept away from these Review-sheview Comment-shumment thing. Seriously. 

               A month ago, I got my eyes treated by Lasik Surgery. I did it for my happiness and satisfaction. After that, I haven't shared it with anyone. I didn't even ask any of my friends to tell me how do I look without specs. Because I know that there might be 9 out of 10 friends who'll say that specs suited me. Now what should I do with this keeda of sharing happiness? Go and get my cornea reshaped to get my specs back? Haha! Hence, I didn't share it with anyone. Not even with close friends. My story is getting published. I am just generally sharing it everywhere as I want my work to grow. But I didn't make any call in excitement to any of my friends to tell him/her about this achievement of mine. This is what I have done for me and my readers. Friends might end up saying,"Kya yaar. Seedhey poori novel release karni chahiye thi na." And all the excitement that I have to see my Name imprinted on a Back Cover Page will go off. Kya faayda

              Similarly, whenever I buy anything I never ask anyone as to what they feel about it. It's for my happiness. If I have selected a design for my brand new double bed, I will find comfort and solace in its perfection. I'll never ask any of my friends visiting my house to tell me how's the design. Because their take does not matter a bit to me. I am going to sleep on the bed. I am going to make it cry when I'll play with my wife on it. Ok sorry :-) I am going to have my 3-hours sleep on it. Where does the view of my friends come in between? Huh! Even while working on my Blog Posts, I do ask for your views on all of my writings. But I clearly mention in some posts that this is been written for me and I don't want anyone's comment on it. Because for that very post, I don't need anyone's view to tell me if what I shared was appropriate or not. Because I know that I have gone off-topic which may not impress majority. Yes.

              Whenever you do something for yourself, make it sure that you are just asking yourself for the very first time as to what's your view on it. If you are satisfied while having first look at it, be assured that this is something that you will have with you for a long time without replacing it with anything else. And when its for your happiness, never ever let anyone else shed their views on it. Yes, there are some things that you do for showing it to others. You might go to sale and purchase 5 foot wears just because they were too affordable and not because you needed it. Now you want to know which of them can be used for party wears and which for regular use. Then, you can discuss it with your friends and have their views. Because you didn't take these foot wears for your happiness only, you also had a will to be ostentatious.  :-) Maine toh ye tak soch rakkha hai ki main apne bachchon k shaadi k baad bhi kisi se nahi poochne wala ki kaisi lagi shaadi. :-) Kyunki tumhe chchole mein paani jyada aur chaney kamm lage toh usmein meri problem nahi hai. Maine apne khushi k liye apne bachche ki shaadi ki hai na ki tumhare. :-) I hope you understood my cry. Haha.


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