8 January 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Why The Posters carry "We can wear anything"?

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            It's always a proud moment to see the people of my age group being involved in Protests and Revolutions that are considered to be one of the biggest in the world. What happened recently during the Anti-corruption campaign and validating a rape law will always remain in the minds of this generation till death. We are all going to guide our children to do the same whenever they find themselves as a victim of injustice. And when they'll do the same, we will feel proud that they had guts to get out of their comfortable bedroom and protest against something that the nation was struggling with. This nation is too big to handle. We are more than 120 Crore. We are World's No. 2 Population. No, it is not something that we should be proud of but it is something through which we can bring change even in the whole world. But, the problem is- Not every one of us participate in such protests and rallies. Very few among us are privileged with this amount of guts. I can see the gangs of Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh and many in the faces of youths of my generation. I am very proud to be of this generation which is gutting to bring change. Incredible.

           Respect to all who went to India Gate and stood there for days in this cold and chill weather and still got to face water canons and tear gases. Shame on our Government who is enforcing these innocents to get back to their home and let it happen whatever wrong is in existence. All the laws are okay of this nation but the only problem is that our law takes too much time to give justice to anyone. When big personalities like Amitabh Bachchan(Bofors controversy) and Sanjay Dutt(handling arms of the Mumbai Attack) got clean chit after so many years, how can we expect we, the common people to get a fast treatment from our Government and judicial system. But, I hope all of you are acquainted with the interview that the friend of Delhi victim gave. I have even shared it in my blog post. Even he said that these candle lightnings are not going to change anything. We, the citizens, should promise ourselves that whenever we will see someone needful asking for something, we will help them at the spot rather than protesting the event later.

             He is totally right. This is the time when protests are a sign of change but they are not as changeable as we think they are. Nothing will change until we will not understand the current scenario ourselves. See, why do you need to close doors of your home? In first place, why do you even need to have doors in your home? Because you know that you can be a victim of robbery, murder, theft or kidnapping. Now, if you open the door of your home and go to the market without locking it and a robbery takes place, will you go at India Gate/Jantar Mantar/Gateway of India and shout,"We will keep the doors of our homes open. This does not allow you to rob us"? Sounds funny, right? This is the same that some of the people at the protest are trying to say. The girls are not understanding that the "haalaat" are not such that you can keep the door open now. You are always prone to attacks. Even the closed doors lead to robbery at home. There are posters in the hands,"We can roam without clothes at midnight. This does not allow you to rape us". Surely, it does not. But do you give guarantee of not being raped? 

            Hence, why not take our own care now. Let's not keep the door open. Just give one answer to the question as to why do you keep stating that you should be allowed to wear exposing dresses? Why don't you just stop after blaming the rapists?  Why don't you once say that "for my protection, I will start being at home on time and I will roam in decent cloth, at least it will not make me candy in the eyes of these rapists". No rape victim is wrong. I believe that rape happens because of certain kind of men and not because of certain kind of women but still, my dear women, at least try to protect yourself by being decent and at home at the time when these rapists roam for their food. What will you do with these posters once you would be done something after 8 PM? These posters and slogans aren't going to save. What is going to save is YOUR ACTIONS. Now, some will say that rapes also occur during day time. Some will say family members are also raping. Here, you have no control. But at least keep yourself safe till you can. Rest, it's already in the hands of these bloody criminals who have always seen us as a prey. 

               Your clothes seriously has nothing to do with the minds of men. Yes, no one is allowed to rape you even if you are roaming without clothes. But, why do you need to wear any cloth that is really provoking and exposing? Why not avoid it for your own self? Government is not going to get a single penny if you will do so. It is for your own benefit. I am a boy and I sit with boys. Girls in good clothes are always complimented as "beautiful", "Sundar", "pyaari" etc. But a girl in exposing dress is always referred as "Sexy" "Item" etc. Yes, we boys, need to change our mindsets. But there is something that even you should change, right? Start wearing the dresses that your mothers wear. Why do you want to wear what Britney Spears, Priyanka Chopra and Mallika Sherawat wear in movies? 

             Wear what your mother, aunties and dadis wear. We, as an individual, will have to try to be a shield for ourselves. No Police, No Government, No Body guard is going to protect us. I, being a 23 years old boy, have never tried low-waist jeans. I have never got involved in any physical fight with anyone since last 5 years. I have never been out of my house after 8 PM until and unless it is too necessary for me. I have never seen an evening show. I have never been to pubs residing in Mumbai. I have never drunk, smoked or consumed any drugs. Even after this, if I turn out to be a victim, I will always respect myself and the way I have lead my life. I will never regret anything. I have been victim to one of the most scary religious torture. No one ever said that it was mistake of those Mullahs who beat/thrashed me and planned to kill me. Everyone just blamed me and my father for getting me admitted to a Muslim college and into a Muslim area. Hence, I know what being a victim is. Please, understand. I am not speaking what RSS, Asaram Bapu and President's relative are speaking. I am speaking something different. Rapists are wrong. Let's give them the least chance to rape us. Right? I hope dear girls will understand me.

P.S.: This post is written with all due respect to the protesters who are trying to change our nation. Thanks to all of you for your efforts. 



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sohail.s said...

good job veeru

below lines dat u hav wrttn is very true

Girls in good clothes
are always complimented as "beautiful",
"Sundar", "pyaari" etc. But a girl in
exposing dress is always referred as
"Sexy" "Item" etc.

Girl shoul undrstand how to protect ourslf and not to wear exposng dress..
Wat will dey get wid expossing dresses,
dera girls please follow ur mummy
not d film stars

good job veeru.. Great

Anjit said...

1. Superbly written, and Well put facts.

2. Wear whatever you (the targeted audience) want to wear, Short Cloths, mini Skirts in Chilling Winter, Reveling tops, two piece and whatever, but if you expect that no one sees is, or pass comments on it, Sorry, You are hypocrite.
Not all, but many girls wear such cloths to show that they are Modern, and are not some village or small town girl. Opening the cloths and showing the body won't open up the mind.
I know many girls who have been born and brought up in countries where 'such' cloths are common, and part of their culture, but they never wear them. Salvar kameez, and Jeans and TShirt is their attire. Does that makes them 'dakiyanoos'?
A girl is working with NASA, and she wears Sari there! beat that!
Its all about a Weak mind, a perverse's mind.
If Not ALL MEN are SAME, Not ALL WOMEN are same too.
I feel bad when I see the posters saying "tell your sons to behave"
Those who can wrote it, would they question their brother or father about their intentions?

Writing Buddha said...

Both of you have once again posted an incredible comment... I wait for such comments to come over my blog space.. thanks a lot

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