11 January 2013 | By: Writing Buddha


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            My father came for two days stay tonight. It has always been wonderful to talk to him till he is not in form of lecturing me. My father has great quality of listening whatever I tell him about my future plans and how I have dealt with some issues in past. Since I have started performing in life with the grace of God and support of parents, my father has started taking large interest in whatever venture I join. He has been quite supportive sometimes while too speculative in rest of the times. But still, he has made my life flexible by providing me with all the facilities that someone like me need in any damn condition. Though, many of you might say that our parents have also provided us the same but I am talking about myself here. I seriously needed these elements in life because this is through which I want to make my living in future. Except this, my father always ask me not to spend any buck in the things that I don't need in life. But still, he ends up providing me with 9 out of 10 such things. These are the few profits of watching movie that we, children, learn to act in front of our parents while demanding and asking for something. :-) 

             I was just thinking as to what my parents need in return from me. And the result has been astonishing like every time. They want me to complete studies with good grades. Whose profit? Mine. They want me to get a good satisfying job. Whose profit? Mine. They want me to get married to a right girl. Whose profit? Mine. Every thing they want from me for them leads into my profit. Then, why do we, children, make them cry for what they ask us to give in return? Except this, they want us to treat them well. They want us to behave properly according to the "sanskaar" been given to us by them. Can't we do this minuscule thing in life? Surely, we can. Then why are we so punishing to our parents? Why don't we do our job as perfectly as possible without letting them feel any annoyance in life because of us? We, children, are really strict, not our parents. They are very kind. They scold us only when they find that we are putting our life at risk. If we will stop doing that, they will always talk to us in the most kind tone as they usually talk.

             I remember that I read in a book that when a child is born, the only 2 wishes and dream that our parents visualize for us are: 1. We will educate our child as much as it will be possible for us. 2. We will get him/her married with our best financial capabilities. And unfortunately, these are the only two things where we make our parents shed tears. Throughout our academics, we make them tensed by scoring less marks or getting low percentiles in CETs or getting drop in subjects in our Semesters or troubling them by not studying in the field they want us to or not getting the kind of higher education they dreamed for us. All of us have made our parents upset by doing one of the following options, intentionally or unintentionally. 

           Then, coming to marriage. We, children, think that we are too mature to understand what LOVE is while our parents are not. Bwahahahaha! We are enough idiots to not to understand that they have been living together for more than 25 years while we have had some break-ups in past while our current relationship too has never been smooth since its arrival in our life. :-) Our parents want us to get married to a boy/girl of the same caste according to their wish so that they can tell their friends/relatives/siblings as to how happy they are to get their child married to the right partner from the right religion while we come up with a partner from a totally different caste/religion/region and blackmail our parents to get us married to him/her or we will run away. They even take huge amount of loans to get us married in a grand way but still.... This is what we are. A mother who struggled for 9 months intensely and after our birth, she has struggled no less while our father has kept on saving money by subtracting all his dreams and wishes in life from last 25 approx. years for us, we give this- "The Betrayal" in return. How cheap and downmarket we are!!! Shame!!!

             My father always wanted me to study Engineering as he missed the chance to be an Engineer. Though I missed an opportunity to be a B.E. but then, I promised him that I will surely complete BCA+MCA that is almost treated equivalent to a B.E. My father compromised with this. And since then, I kept on putting efforts continuously to give my father what he finally adjusted with his dream for me. Though sometimes it came in my mind to leave the field and get into literature or journalism but I controlled myself. I have decided that I will complete my Post-Graduation initially and only then I'll decide in which field I have to continue my life in. Second, coming to the point of view for marriage, I have decided that I am never falling into this bullshit called relationship as I don't think that I can ever get the kind of girl I need for myself. My parents are enough mature and intelligent to get me a suitable girl for me. Or when I will start earning, when I will get to a position where I would be feeding my stomach and I would develop liking for some girl, I will suggest her to my parents. If they will qualify her, only then I'll propose her for marriage. Yes, directly, marriage. And then, uske haan ya naa se koi farak nahi padna hai kyunki main seedhey papa-mummy ko uske ghar bhejne wala hoon. :-) 

             I have decided that I will not let my parents compromise anymore in these two things in life as it is their sole purpose of living and passion since my birth. I love you, my parents. And I would also request and plead everyone reading this to treat their parents well, get educated the way your parents want you to and marry to the person whom your parents decide for you. They are our Gods. Every religion says that parents are equivalent to God. Never make them compromise anymore, friends. And as I am liked for my posts on parents, I have finally written one after a long time. I hope you will learn from this one too. 



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