22 January 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Pre-order my First Published Story "Uff Ye Emotions"!!!

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             The day I got a call from Vinit Bansal sir and he asked me to write a Story for an upcoming Anthology by Mahaveer Publishers, I was very skeptic as to what should I do- Make an entry with a Short story in the Publishing industry or wait and finally come with a Full Novel. But then I remembered the sayings of Super Human Beings that we shouldn't let Opportunities go from our hands as it does not come every day. We have also heard how Shahrukh Khan rejected Slumdog Millionaire but Anil Kapoor accepted it and walked Red carpets in Oscars. :-) Hence, I didn't want to commit such a mistake. I wasn't pretty excited about this venture until I saw my Name on the Back Cover Page an hour ago. :-)

              Friends, all of you have stayed with me for last 1272 days in this journey of blogging. Many of you always pinged me for writing a Novel as you felt that I will write something very different and artistic. Though its taking time, I am up with this 5000-words Love Story titled "A Date with Fate" which is part of this Anthology- "Uff Ye Emotions". This will give me a rehearsal as to how to come up with my novel in market and react to all that happens during this session of getting accepted, published, reviewed and I don't know what what.. I have just begun my Journey. Finally, your Blogger is a Published Author though of a short story but this will at least give you a belief that I will come up with my novel too. :-) 

            "Uff Ye Emotions" will be publishing on 10th February(estimated time), 2013. Till then, you can Pre-order it on Flipkart and Homeshop18 in just Rs. 90. The book will be delivered at your home and you can pay the money to the delivery boy. I hope I will get a lot of support from all of you so that my journey will get a boost and my future will get stabilized. I want to deliver a lot through writing. I hope I will. It's all in hands of all of you now. I am sharing the links below. Do take care. I am feeling short of words tonight. Little choked. I will talk in detail the day I'll hold the book in my hands. :-) This is still a Secret at home. I hope it remains to be so. I want my parents to directly touch their son's work. I hope they'll feel proud of me. 



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provoqd said...

Hi Abhilash,

Man, this post has come at precisely the correct time. I'm going through these things right now and you're quite right, one must not let go of opportunities to strike it big. You've taken the correct decision. :)
Wish you luck on the story as well as the book.

P.S. Do check out & vote for my entry for Get Published.


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Vijay Rajput said...


Anonymous said...

Congo Abhi...
All the best..

Keep ON..

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks to Jay sir, Vijay sir and Raja sir.. Do pre-order the book and help me get what I am dreaming of..

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