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Nobody Dies a Virgin... by Sanjay K Shukla!!!

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            So finally, I am back with much awaited Book reviews. No, not from your point of view but mine. I was waiting from a long time to get back to the world of reading and write about them in my Blogs so that those trust my reviews can get the recommended books for themselves without worrying about their pocket money getting wasted. Because of my First Semester MCA exam I had to leave the world of books and novels in the end of October 2012 itself. Since then, I am just waiting for the day when I would again begin with my reading. Finally, the first book is done and I am up with the first review of this year. Enjoy!!! 

             I am done reading "Nobody Dies a Virgin.." which also has the tagline "Life Screws us All". The book is been published by Srishti Publication. And its the debut novel of Sanjay K. Shukla who hails from Pantnagar, a reputed university town in the state of Uttarakhand. After his post-graduation from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur in 2007, Sanjay spent four years with General Electric - Aviation. Recently he has joined Aeronautical Development Agency, Ministry of Defense. Between the chores of corporate life and his personal commitments, he completed his first novel titled 'Nobody Dies a Virgin'. Apart from writing, the author makes time to pursue his interest in dance, swimming and gliding. Sanjay also pens short poems from time to time. Every time I read a book that is a combo on an IITian and Srishti Publication, I expect a lot from it because I have always loved reading such desi material. With this book, I had the same expectations and I enjoyed reading this novel.

               NDAV is the story of three friends- Aadi, Tapan and Harsh. Aadi- the main protagonist is one of those ambitious students who fight with the whole world for getting the dream fulfilled. He makes it sure that he is not working on a project alone but with the help of both his friends. Tapan and Harsh takes time to decide if they want to work on this project along with their studies and academic project but somehow, they agree to work on this kind-of-fictional project(from their point of view). And from here, the real journey starts. They get into the bad books of a Professor who decides to screw their degree and career while Aadi makes it sure that he is not giving up. Since friends have to suffer because of him but he still makes it sure that he is not letting any one suffer because of his dream. This is one of the few books which will make you realize what a passion is and how one fights against the world for it. Do read the book to get into this journey of passion.

              Coming to the writer, Sanjay K Shukla seems to be a passionate himself for Aeronautics as he works in the same field. He has embedded his knowledge in the field very appropriately in the book. While reading "Nobody Dies a Virgin...", I remembered the National Bestseller "Wings of Fire" by most respected former President of India- APJ ABDUL KALAM. I got almost the same feel that I got while reading the Wings of Fire. The only problem that I had with the author was- the language throughout the book is very technical. Even while specifying the scene among the friends and campus stories, author still uses a language that isn't very smooth. It's little twisted. Else, I loved the way whole passion for aeronautics has been displayed in these 225 pages.

               I would like to point out some good parts of the story. The first scene where Aadi discusses Aeronautics is passionate. The party scene where Jaswinder slaps Sid is a laugh-out-loud moment. Sonia's entrance in the story is not kept quite glamorous but reserved which I liked. Aadi and Dr. Subbarao's argument in the classroom is something that I would like to try in my college life against some grass-headed teacher. Harsh's tragedy in the middle of the story is something that makes us cry. After 189th page, you get involved with the process of the project in a high intensity which leads to the increase in speed of reading. :-) Flymoto becomes our own project in the same way as for the people involved with it in the book. Flymoto's success in the pre-climax is kept balanced without letting it get filmy, the way I wanted it to be. Rounding up, the best part of the book is that even when its all about Aeronautics and Science, you won't feel left out. You will still love reading those parts where science is involved. 

               Coming to the drawbacks- Author has used a technical kind of a language even in those parts where no technicalities were needed. As the author kept the whole story on a plot, he didn't add some fun into it which we expect while picking up a College campus story. The character of Sonia isn't used much which I wanted to. The protest scene isn't done with the kind of enthusiasm I was expecting from it. The sex scene is little too much but I understand the plight of author as publisher demands such scenes in book. But still, the scene went on extremely explicit side. 20 pages after Flymoto's success in the end are stretched without meaning. Except that, author should have added some funny scenes as fillers in the story. And in the end, the title of the book should have been something related to plane, sky or something in spite of someone not dying as a virgin. Complain!

              Overall, it's a recommendable book for those who are in the Aeronautics field itself, for those who love reading Campus stories, who love Science and for those who have been waiting for a long time for a good IITian stuff. I would give it 3.5/5. 



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