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            It has been a long time since I have been away from anything that talks about side-effects of relationships or you can say, ill-effects of relationships. I think, if this is how I will keep on writing against this chumma-chaati era of my generation, I will be dislodged very soon. :-)

            What's the average age bar in which boys and girls fall into the so-called Relationship that has lots of monetary love involved in it? Nowadays, children right from 5th std has started getting involved in affairs because parents don't hesitate in providing them mobile at such a juvenile age. But, the average age bar is 16 years to 22. Right? No, this is not a result of any survey but my own observations and I don't think that anything can be better faithful numbers than those given by me. A deep deep sorry to all of you who read the previous sentence. :-) At this age, my generation claims to understand every thing about love. They start roaming here and there with their hand in hand and believe that they know what an eternal word like LOVE means. Either God of Love has stopped working over the department given to him or human-beings defeated him by challenging him continuously. :-) 

               The last stupid so-called affair that I had- didn't involve a single penny in it.  It progressed for 15 days to end like the submersion of Titanic but still, I didn't let a single penny from my pocket to be spent over her. Everyone who hears this sees me with disbelief and feels as if I am one of the most undeserving boyfriends; as if I am excited to get the title of "Most Desirable". Huh! If money is all that expresses love, its better to stay out of it. If money is all that tells that I care for the person, its better that you go and lay down with Ambani's and Tendulkar's sons. I, being a son of middle-class family, can not afford such relationship. Girls have started believing that boyfriend will have to pay every time they will go for an outing, dinner, shopping or trip. Even if girl friend buys bangles, artificial jewel, sandals or any damn cheapiyapa (Sorry for the English version of ...... that I had to create :-)), boy friend pays for it. I have even overheard,"Friends k saath shopping karne mein apna kharch hota hai. Boyfriend k saath jaane mein sub uska isliye main us hi k saath jaana pasand karti hoon".

                Just answer a question. When both the boy and girl are in college, both have no source of income, all money that they have is a subset of their Pocket money, then how does a boy turns up to be the one who pays for every expenses? In which religion is this been said? Idiots, cheapos, it's husband who has to pay every thing that his wife needs. That's a relationship that is considered in every "dharma". This boyfriend-girlfriend thing does not exist anywhere in any worthy and respectful holy book. So, please stop using your boyfriend as a husband. He is not. And even you know that you are not sure about marrying him. Because, when you will see that your father has arranged someone who already earns 40,000 a month and is a stable person in life, you will leave this poor guy who kept on spending all his pocket money over you. Shame girlfriends!!!

              Secondly, a girl of any kind- intelligent or idiot knows that the pocket money which their boy friend gets is NOT more than 1000-1500. Still, when they see that their boyfriend is buying expensive gifts for them, they never neglect. Why? Because this is what they need from boyfriend; to spend on all those areas over which they can't spend themselves because of their low pocket money. So cheap. Each and every Indian knows that the price of petrol is increasing like population in our country. Still, these girlfriends will never say NO to their boyfriend when he'll assure that he will take her for a long ride on the outskirts of the city. They know that their boyfriend has brought them to one of the expensive hotels of the town which the girlfriend's father could himself can't afford but still she will never say to her boy to not to spend so much. Each and every girl knows that the boyfriend is stealing money from home to entertain them, every girl knows that he may be doing some illegal activities to get these amount of money to spend over her but still, they have no concern about this.

            When both of you are non-working and as you bloody love-birds say that we love each other equally and in infinity, then show it equally. Both of you pay equally every time you are out. Because boy friend isn't earning anything. He is in the same situation as you. Then how can you let him spend his father's money over you? Already his father is struggling with the inflation and mehengayi and feeding your boyfriend, his siblings, his mother and his grandparents. Also attending several guests at home. Saving for his daughter's wedding. Now, you expect your boyfriend's father to also take care of you just because you are a temporary "material" in his son's life. Huh! When its your boyfriend's birthday, he feeds you in an expensive hotel and shows you movie in a Multiplex. When its your birthday, even then he feeds you and shows you a movie. Who the hell has invented this concept? 

             Girlfriends, can't you pay for what you eat with him? Can't you pay for your movie ticket? Can't you pay for whatever you purchase and let your boyfriend pay the money? Are you so poor and downmarket? Can't you recharge your cell to call him? Why do you make him call you every time? Can't you pay for petrol equally every time you play a part of pillion behind him? These girlfriends don't even feel ashamed when they are been gifted with expensive gifts like gold ear-rings, handset, dresses, wristwatch etc. They take it happily (I don't understand as to why parents of these girls don't ask them about the things at home which they have not purchased for them).  And astonishingly, if you'll blame these girlfriends for looting their boyfriend, they'll say that its boyfriend's fault that he spends over them and not theirs. Shameful!

              Girls, if you are using your boyfriends' money, at least make it sure that you are utilizing his money at the right place. This I am saying only on the condition that you have dropped down to a cheap level where you'll make him spend over you, only then is this applied that I am saying. Make it sure that he is not gifting you a 15000 Rs cellphone but is paying 15000 of your total college fees. At least that will save your father's money. You will at least save someone's money. Make it sure that he is paying the D-Mart bill of your house's monthly shopping. That will help your parents a lot. Don't do this sin purposely of letting your boyfriend spend these amount of money over you. Stop trying to be innocent. I don't know why these stupid boyfriends want to prove their manliness by spending on these girlfriends. Can't they show it by talking to his and her parents and proving them by reaching a level where he starts achieving more than his-and-her father achieved in their life? If you are a man, do this rather than feeding your girlfriend (who is purposely enjoying benefits)  by your old father's money who is already dying in mehengaai. Stop stealing at home. Stop asking for 5000 Rs at home when you know that the Semester form's fee is just 2000 rs. Stop looting your parents. 

              In the end, let me tell all of you what my blunt opinion is. A boy wants to enjoy a physical relationship that he can never get except from a prostitute/call-girl. And this is very risky. Hence he stalks a girl that he likes. A girl retorts with YES because she needs money in life to enjoy the pleasure of life which she can never get with the kind of pocket-money she gets. She is happy with the condom-clad penis getting penetrated into her every Valentine's, birthday, New Year, trip etc. And in return, boy is happy with all the expenditure that he does. This is the only purpose for which these bloody boyfriend-girlfriend wala relationship comes into existence by colliding against all the "dharmas", "religions" and "Holy-books". If you feel that I am wrong, tell me in which boyfriend-girlfriend-wala-relationship has boobs not been sucked and penis not been touched? If your relationship is over a year old and there has been no physical involvement, then I must say that boy and girl are in pure and sweet love that I believe love really is. But if there has been unhooking of bra and unbuttoning of jeans in a private room then... it's all LUST and BEHUDAPANN. That's ALL!!!

P.S.: I don't regret a single word said in the post. I want girls to know that they are also a robber with their boyfriend every time he steals money from his mother's purse or father's wallet. And there is no concept where boyfriend is the only one who has to pay. You are an equal partner to him. To boyfriends, I would say, don't hesitate in sharing the link of this blog post with your girlfriend. This is truth and your girlfriend should realize it. And stupid you, control your lust. Remember, they are as lusty as you. So, let them also pay for the same- physical exploration and fun.

P.P.S.: This post is not generalized for all. It is for the targeted boyfriends/girlfriends. Those boys/girls who have never been involved in any relationship can replace the word "girls/boys" with "girlfriends/boyfriends" wherever it is been used in the post. :-) I never generalize every one. 



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Anonymous said...

hi..must say, for someone so young, you're quite cynical. life is tough and so is love. what might appear like a materialistic relationship to others need not actually be so. Haven't really met such money-minded girls nor such foolish boys who steal from their parents to treat their gfs.

Shahbaaz said...

Wat a Brilliant Masterpiece u have written Abhilash Bro! Sharing it on My FB wall:)

Anonymous said...

Haha..A type of post which I always want to read on your blog...
YOU ARE BACK Abhi... :)
LOL...What a theories...
You said it like you have been through all these... :P

Keep ON..

Unknown said...

ok..Mr. not so generalise..the topic brought here is so true..guyz spending so much of money..dat too stolen money on gals..which she nvr cared to ask..frm whr d hell u managed.?
yes gals shld spnd der money..whn dey r stil unemployed..n d concept is also so called "a status " maintained in ur circle..to hav bf/gf..dats y 6th std students too fall into dis crap thing..which is LOVE CUM LUST..wala relationship..
truly agre with u..on dis..stop fooling urself n others too..

Writing Buddha said...

Anonymous, its sure that you havent seen world still... Go and see the real world... Huh!!!

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Shahbaaz

Writing Buddha said...

Raja bhai, I know you wait for such posts. And bhai, I have given example that this didnt happen in my case :-)

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Priyanka.. :-)

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