16 November 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

"Sonia Gandhi killed Indira Gandhi & Rajiv Gandhi", says RSS !!!

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             Recently, you would have heard that a political party which is our government now - Congress is revolutionizing against a member of RSS party for their statements against Sonia Gandhi and the Nehru family who gave birth to INC. Sometimes, its doubtful that the government which is meant to bring peace and maintain the same in the territories of a nation is violating their promises and responsibilities themselves. This is the moment when you start hating your country for the things happening here. You start boycotting the national events and happenings and you turn to be non-patriotic. You stop loving your country because your government is violent and senseless. The sensibility is questioned. The Prime Minister, President, Chief Minister and all other ministers who are sitting on the highest positions do nothing when these incidents takes place in your nation except watching the media channels, appreciating the violent activity and then scratching their groin with a bloody smile on their face. This is what they do. When the Obama comes to the nation, people are asked not to play crackers near the place where the President of USA would be residing, just after he leaves the country, the government which imposed this rule themselves start to create violence and revolution which is much more jeopardizing and danger than the sound of bombs. 

              I know many of you will raise questions on my view after reading the first paragraph. Your problem would be that why am I inculpating only the Congress party which is the victim of the whole incident. Let me come to the main issue and the main perspective now. KS Sudarshan (naam to suna hi hoga? Nahii? Ok. He is former RSS sarsanghchalak) made a statement that Indira Gandhi was responsible for the death of Lal Bahadur Shastri while Sonia Gandhi had a hand in the assassinations of her mother-in-law and husband. This can show us the diabolism of a person who is a renowned member of the party RSS. I just can't digest the shit he spoke. After hearing this, I felt like ass-ass-inating him. I haven't still understood that why a new party is formed with a tag of political party and why not patriotic party? I think their main aim while formation is just to participate in the hot conversations with the members of competing party or to play politics rather than give birth to new ideas which can raise the standards of our country.

             These remarks made by KS Sudarshan is hard to digest and belief. This totally show that the man is insouciant for the country and the countrymen. Even this fact cannot be ignored while talking about RSS that it had shown a beautiful support and heuristics while the nation struggled because of natural calamities and during the wars. Their concerns and onus has been remarkable. But this doesn't give them license and privilege to slander and slaughter the values of other people and political leaders. The libel should be avoided by such a person. Just take the case if the daughter of KS Sudarshan is kidnapped and someone states that the girl is not kidnapped but she ran with someone with whom she wanted to have physical relations. What would have been the emotions of Mr. Sudarshan? He would have gone mad. He would have retaliated. Here is the case when someone is targeting your daughter only because she wanted to have some physical pleasures, what about the woman who had lost her mother-in-law and husband in the game of politics. The woman who lived a life of a widow from an early age? This should be thought before showing any type of bigotry.

              KS Sudarshan is the first criminal in this case. He should be punished for stating an unethical remark. He should be taught that there are some dogmas in which a leader should talk and act. He should not break the unsaid laws and cross the limits. It is not a new thing to hear about a political leader stating unkind words for an another political leader of another party but there's a Laxman Rekha which no leader crosses while showing the angst in the public. He should be punished for crossing the line of limit and confine. Secondly, the activists from the Congress party should be penalized for creating violence in the nation. They should be given an ultimatum that this should not be repeated. Even if someone stated your leader as a culprit, this doesn't mean that you should protest in this way. Just lodge a complain to the government and ask for the arrest for the person. This can be done in a legal way. Why to protest and blemish the environment of peace? Hope this case gets resolved as soon as possible. And lets pray that no leader gives a libel statement anytime in future.



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hamaarethoughts.com said...

I Didn't know about this issue and remarks made on Sonia Gandhi by this KS sudharshan...its sad!! if politics is this kind of shit where just for the heck of power you end up loosing character...and dignity where people are publicly insulting you...its good we are away from politics!
but people like sudharshan shld be slapped properly!!!

Writing Buddha said...

but the activists of Congress who are causing violence in the nation has no right to slap Sudarshan. if they would have opposed his statement legally, Sudarshan would have been punished severely but for now... No possibility.. as both are in the same boat.

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