2 November 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Report Card for OCTOBER (Best Result Till Now)- 2800+ Visits !!!

            333rd BLOG -->>

              The month of October ends. Again the result and the progress report of my Blog. Many people ask every time that hows your blog now-a-days. This gave birth to an idea about publishing my result at the end of every month. Even if the result has been worst, lets publish it and let the reader know what am I doing. 

              The month of October has been special. I don't think any ordinary blogger like me would have ever got such comments and great peoples as their visitors in a single month. I am just so thankful to God for making this to happen with me. I can never forget the month of October. Let me share with you the topics on which I wrote in this month and tell you about my variations or monotony. Whatever it is, let's see !!!

              In the start, I wrote 2 blogs on the whole issue of Ayodhya's verdict. The medium of blogging would have been useless if I wouldn't have written this. Then the next 2 posts were dedicated to my birthday which I celebrated on 4th October. Then I wrote about many other useful and commendable topics such as India's performance in CWG and Cricket, Navratri, Advantages of using Condoms in Navratri, Amitabh Bachchan's birthday and Sachin's record, Dashera, the illegal work on CWG, Shivsena banning burqas, Assignments - A deadly weapon, Zindagi of Chetan Bhagat, Karwachauth - Craze among teenagers and Bigg Boss's cat fight. I feel so blithe when I see that I have taken an initiative to talk about such topics which are ignored by other bloggers who have more followers than me. 

              As you already know that the purpose of ARB is to exchanging words about my life with you. So some posts were dedicated to my life also. I wrote about my completion of 6 series of Sai Baba fasting, my meeting with Mrs. Rashmi Bansal (Author of Connect The Dots, Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish), about the incident where I was named as a big blogger, the infatuation I went into after watching a girl dancing in a society while Navratri and about my class group scoring highest in the class where I was the group leader. So, you can see that I have maintained an aspect ratio on the content of my blog. I am not giving larger space to anyone of them - Social Issues or Personal Happenings.

                This month of Blogging has been special because I got in contact with many such authors whom I never thought to be in contact with me. The authors complimented my blogs and my writings too. I am going to post some of their compliment below - 

Mrs. Rashmi Bansal says - 

Mrs. Varsha Dixit says - 

Mr. S.R. Saha says - 

Mr. Tanveer Singh says - 

       The biggest dream got fulfilled when the biggest novelist - Mr. Chetan Bhagat himself opened my blog and read the post I wrote on him. 

Mr. Chetan Bhagat says -


           And this Saturday itself, the biggest superstar of Bollywood - Amitabh Bachchan himself read my blog and complimented me - 

Mr. Amitabh Bachchan says - 

             So, you can yourself see that how ARB is spreading in the world of success. The authors and the actor have started reading my blog. What can be bigger than this? This is enough whatever I have got. I still don't deserve this but the grace of God and his love for me can be easily seen. Thank you GOD. This month, the blog got more than 100 visitors for 9 times in the month. The total visitors sums up to more than 2800 which is the highest till now on my blog. Thanks a lot to everyone. The November has started in a wonderful way as on the first day itself I have already got more than 100 visits. Love you all.



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Caspar said...

Hey Abhilash..great!
You got the right card when you visited me...ARB is listed in my fav blogroll...!

hamaarethoughts.com said...

Congrats!!..its remarkable...Gr8
all good comments by gr8 people!!

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks a lot bro... Thanks a lot...

Writing Buddha said...

Yaa mam, it is really remarkable.. I can never forget this month. I got so much to describe...

Anonymous said...

Hey Bro........

Tell me when can I come and meet you because it's now time to take autograph of yours in advance. After some time I won't be able to meet you neither to give my regards to you, I will have to take appointment or to stand in queue to see my bro.

GOod keep it up ...........keep going

Yours Nidhi Didi ...........

Writing Buddha said...

Hey thanks a lot didi for your kind words.. I am happy that u r happy with my achievements. Aur there is no need to give me such an over-hype... I am still the same Veeru..the change is only on ARB... The ARB has turned superstar not Veeru.. I havent done anything.. All this is happening just bcoz the name of the site and blog is getting big abd bigger and it is bcoz of the readers like you who are motivating it.. Thanks a lot.. and muaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh to u to.. love u.

varsha said...

hi Abhilaash!you are one committed blogger.Keep it up.

Writing Buddha said...

thanks a lot mam.. Yaa I am not committed just for updating my blogs. I am committed towards my friends are readers. They expect and I try to fulfill them. Thanks for reading.

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