19 November 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

If Now, I'll Pass , If Not, I know I'll Fail !!!

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        So many of you are asking that how did I forgot to publish a post yesterday. A hard answer to this. Many well-wishers may not feel good to hear this. Yesterday I went to Saquib's house.He is one of my classmate. He invited all the boys of our class on the occasion of Bakra-Eid. I went to his house. I didn't ate anything as I was having the fast of Sai Baba. While returning from his house, my head started paining and I wanted to vomit as soon as possible but as I was stuck into the crowd of local train, it wasn't possible to do anything. I was waiting to come home as soon as possible. As soon as I entered the room, I ran towards the bathroom and there it happened what I was waiting for - I vomited and now I was feeling quite lighter than before. My head was still paining and so I thought to take rest rather than pushing my body for more work and commitments. I took a sound sleep of 4 hours. When I woke up, I felt better. But when I thought of writing a post to connect with the beautiful readers and friends, the body asked for more sleep and rest. I agreed to sleep because if I wouldn't, I would have felt low even today and thus two days would have been wasted but now I have gained today. I had 3 commitments out of which 2 has been fulfilled. The only 1 which is left is studies and preparation for the examination. ;-)

             I am really disappointed and solaced with my activities. My dear friends and readers are poking me every time I am mentioning about my carelessness that its not the time when you should take your studies lightly, it is the time to collaborate day and night and make your academic line as smooth and brighter as much as you can. I am hoping to do something great but my body and mind are not connecting with each other. When the mind asks to open the book and mug up, the body feels tired. When the body asks the same, the mind says NO. I know this situation is quite dangerous and evil but I am praying to God that I come out of this terrible situation and start studying like all my classmates. My classmates are wonderful. They never tell about their progress in studies. I don't know why. Neither am I going to steal your brain and not even its possible for you to do the same. We all know that we are here in the college to study and to make our career. The only difference is that ki someone will make it quite successful while someone will make it mediocre while someone will fail in making the same. But everyone know the purpose of being in the college and doing Computer Applications. I hope my classmates will grow up and share the tips to study with each other.

              I have seen the past where I failed tremendously and consistently. I don't want myself to fall in that part of the life again. I want to put my head high and keep walking the street to meet my destination as soon as I can. My exams are starting from 6th of December. If not from now, then it will not be possible for me to slog at the last moment. I know I am at a quite dangerous position now. Either start studying or stop hoping to clear the exam with the target percentage. Already my graph of academic line has seen an inclination by 10% in the last semester. It is an another thing that the average of both the semester summed up to a respective markings but I am not satisfied with my performance. I hope I'll at least manage to secure my target percentage if not a great score. Actually its my mistake but it also complies to the surroundings and the situations which kept on creeping my life. Once if you climb a particular ladder, people don't want you to come down or fall down again. They just want you to keep climbing and creating the records and maintaining your potential. The best example is the game of KBC. When the contestant wins a big amount like 25 Lakhs or 50 Lakhs, people and audience don't want the contestant to make a mistake and fall down to 3,20,000. The same happens in our life. Nobody wants to see you in the lower position after you achieve a respective position.

             I hope that I will gain strength and power to study as soon as possible. I have prayed for the same yesterday while reading the Sai Chalisa and I am still pushing myself to open the notes and start mugging up the danger algorithms and concepts. Please pray for me as you all have been the best supporters ever. My real friend circle isn't so beautiful as my blog's connection is. The people who have never seen me keep on praising me and supporting me just by reading my blogs and my thoughts. Please pray for me and wish me good luck.



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Rakesh Vanamali said...

Life is all about the ability to balance well and pass every day with a sense of meaning!

I'm sure you will be able to do just that and tide over!

Writing Buddha said...

hope sir Ill do this.. lets see

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