26 November 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Nitish became British - Laalu became Sadaa Aloo !!!

           350th BLOG -->>

       I am happy to announce that we are half way done to reach our next milestone - 400th Blog. Don't know whether it will create the same magic as previous centurions but let's hope for the greatness. So, a real India is out of the shell. Right? People are amazed to see the responses of the Bihar's election. Bihar - You hear the name and you start laughing and abusing the state. Why? Because of Biharis? No !!! Because the state is unfledged and people are illiterate in the region. Those people migrate to the cities like Mumbai to create something and earn something. Here, they are called Bhaiyyas and the human-bodied-animal Raj Thackeray thrash them for using their land to do the jobs and earn money. Strange. Today, the same Biharis have shown that in spite of being under poverty and literacy, they have a brain which works like a Master mind and has the power to change the shape of democracy and governance of India. This has never been shown by the people of Mumbai or Maharashtra. Am I wrong? If Yes, correct me. I am not saying that Biharis are better than Mumbaikars in ideology and potential. I am saying that Biharis have shown that India can be changed which Mumbaikars haven't shown it yet. Waiting for the change.

            Nitish Kumar - The new Superman of India is the trending topic today. Why? Because he is the man who showed that the politician can be true and salubrious towards his country rather than the amount he has to earn through scams and fill his secret khazana. Suresh Kalmadi - we haven't forgot you still. Rahul Gandhi - Where is the team of probation? The whole system is slow. And in this slow system comes a Shahenshah named Nitish Kumar and win the hearts of many Indians. 59 year old man who has completed his engineering from Bihar won the election with the highest margin ever in the history of Bihar's election. He won 206 seats out of 243 seats. Can you believe this? Lalu got something 12 or 14. Congress got 4. Rahul Gandhi thinks that his white dress and simplicity and the idea of youth can win the heart of people in spite of several scams taking place in the governance of his party. He is losing the love and respect he had when he entered the politics. I want to laugh out loud at the dhutttt - Lalu ji. Once, he said,"Raj Thackeray ke ghar ke bahaar jaake snaan karenge hum log." He never came and because of his statement several Biharis got thrashed and beaten up by MNS supporters. This is Lalu. I want to collaborate two things together - Sheila Ki Jawani and Lalu ki barwadi. 

" Whats your name! Whats your name! My name is Lalu. Lalu ki barwadi. I am too corrupt, mere ghotale tere haath na aane waali. My name is Lalu. Lalu ki barwadi. "

                Lalu kept exciting people just by one formula - Raising the Muslims. I know religious discrimination is the biggest drawback of Indian society but you can't win the votes by collaborating the religion and being invidious with development. But, Nitish Kumar - Lord of Small Things isn't insouciant with development like Lalu. When Lalu was inculpating him in the rallies, Nitish just said one thing," Janta sub jaanti hai" rather than retaliating to the statements of Lalu. Now Lalu ban gaya sadaa hua aaloo. 

               The best thing which Nitish did in last 5 years are the development and construction of roads. Once this was made, the transportation of public and goods became faster. Once this become fast, state automatically progresses. 

               The next best thing he did was the hiring of lakhs of teachers to bring the educational change and moots in literacy of the state. He distributed 4,00,000 bicycles among the girls of Bihar so that they can reach their college easily. I salute him for this idea.

               The other reason has been the control over law and order in his states. This was the most corrupt part of Bihar. You would have seen in Gangaajal and other movies related to Bihar's corruption. 

               The semblance of Bihar is coated with Criminal activities. This is the worst part of Bihar because of which people fart criticism on Bihar and Biharis. Nitish has locked up 50,000 criminals in his kingdom.  It is Nitish's era.

              These are some of the small things Nitish did which bought a big effect in the cycle of Bihar which started running at the speed of UFO which we have never been successful in catching. Let's hope for the next 5 years of his rule to be the same as his last 5 years.





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kul Bhushan Garg said...

ur article on Bihar is superb.Our politicians should understand that false propaganda cannot succeed for all time.It is possible to befool some people for all time,all people for some time but not all people for all time.This is exactly what has happened in Bihar,Honesty & good work do pay,may be after a long wait.

Anonymous said...

i want to write a bigger comment here. But it will become a blog post if i will write what i want to speak.
In short and crisp - well done.

Writing Buddha said...

Dadaji, it is improving..

Writing Buddha said...

Thank u mr. Vijay .. waise I would have loved your big comment.

hamaarethoughts.com said...

good abhilash...keep up the good work...very informative!

Writing Buddha said...

Thank u mam.

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