23 November 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Rahat Taslim - 1st Lady To Win 1 Crore Rupees on KBC !!!

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        I know I am unfollowing my modus operandi and posting a new blog post very soon. Some things are meant to be talked at the right moment otherwise the charm and the bizarreness of the same blurs out. I'll talk about the topic in a while but before that Congrats to all the Indians as we have won the match with a large margin. India won the 3rd and the last Test match against New Zealand by an inning and 198 runs. Rahul Dravid played a terrific inning of 191 runs. He is titled the man of the match. The Test series between both the countries ended here and Harbhajan Singh won the title of MAN OF THE SERIES. Wow. He has given his best in the series. I just loved his play. The two people who disappointed me with their performances were Sachin Tendulkar and Suresh Raina. With their previous performances, they have compelled us to expect more from them and they have failed to live up to the expectations. Fine. But I am happy with the performance of our team. We Rocked !!! 


              Yesterday, the most successful episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati was aired. Everyone watched the show with immense excitement and suspense. Rahat Taslim, a woman contestant won the prize amount of Rs. 1 Crore. She is the first woman contestant ever on Kaun Banega Crorepati to win a Crore amount. She has broken all the records. She has made many people to get off their seats and get to the work. She has shown us the way to success even if the people and the society pull you back. She has shown that if you believe in yourself, the world will have to believe in you. Mostly it is considered that women are having a limited bit of knowledge and thus they can't be the winner or they can't overcome the landmarks achieved by the men. Indira Gandhi proved it wrong when she won and became Prime Minister. Pratibha Patil proved this recently by sitting on the post of President of India. If the technical field is talked about, recently a women is being appointed for driving the local train. So, women have shown the men that you don't only have to compete with your gender but you will also have to consider us while counting your competitors. 

              Rahat Taslim, a Muslim women, who has a curiosity to learn and a passion to study was made to marry at the age of 17. She had to leave her studies but she completed her graduation by going against her in-laws. Her husband also asked her to sit at the home as even his morale didn't allowed a women to proceed and work in the life. When she got selected for Crorepati, she didn't had fare to reach Mumbai by airways and she took loans from her friends and neighbors and came to the show. She didn't had a bank account and thus she asked her husband to create a bank account for her. She issued her PAN CARD herself. On the last day of the week, she came on the Hot Seat. She told that she knew she will reach the hot seat. When Big B asked her that what will she do with the amount, she said that if I'll win 25,00,000, I'll open a boutique. Amitabh Bachchan showed impossibility and at 3,20,000 he said that now at least you can open a small boutique. When she won 3,20,000 rs, she said that I have never seen such a big amount in her life. She compelled everyone to love her. She became the favorite contestant of all.

              But yesterday, when she started playing, WOW, what a confidence was delivered from her side. After 3,20,000, the timer clock is thrown out of the game because people get tensed by the level of questions and pressures, but she continued to be confident and she answered all the questions in 1 minute. What a lady !!! For the question of 1 Crore, she used her Phone-a-friend lifeline and she got no help from the supporter. Then she used Double Dip and gave the wrong answer in the first chance. At the second chance, she gave the right answer and became the first lady to win 1 CRORE rupees in the biggest reality show of India. She never knew the answer of the 12th question but she knew the answer of her level of knowledge and destiny. She knew that if its written in the destiny, I'll win and if its not written, I'll go back with 3,20,000. What a respect for that lady. People underestimate the people who are the most talented. Her husband told that I never believed when she said that I have knowledge. Whatever she is, she is because of her belief on herself. What a true example and an inspiring one. 

              Now, I have a little varied topic than this. When Prashant Batar didn't knew the answer of 5 Crore rupees and played it and lost, people abused him and even criticized me for supporting his decision. Now, when Mrs. Rahat Taslim did the same with 1 Crore's question and won it, everyone is celebrating and going gaga over her decision. By chance, if she would have lost, she would have been accused. We, the people of India, are really emotional. We keep the Winner in our mind and forget the same if they lose one day.

             Think upon this. And Respect for this lady - Mrs. Rahat Taslim.  A big salute to her.


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Anonymous said...

hi abhilash i am quite busy i have no time to re edit my blog post. I read your blog post.
I am really disapointed wid the performance of suresh raina.
And hats off to the woman, she finally a crorepati

Writing Buddha said...

Ok dude. and yaa Raina disappointed us.

hamaarethoughts.com said...

..Wow..nice..KBC...good information..I wish could follow the show..hats off to this women..Gr8 goin abhilash!!
keep up the good work!

Writing Buddha said...

Thank u mam and yaa that woman is really great

kul bhushan said...

Dear Abhi,I agree with u that women r not behind men when we talk about their performance in various fields.In fact they were not allowed to come forward for centuries togather by the male dominated society.Nut they r being provided equal opportunities,hence the result.Good observation !

UB said...

Hey Thanks for the post ...I wouldn't have known about Mrs. Taslim otherwise..Your posts keep me updated with KBC even when I am not watching it :)

Writing Buddha said...

Dadaji, thank you..

Writing Buddha said...

UB, why dont u watch this show? it is such a great show.. hmm?

Divya (Virmani) Chadda said...

Even I saw the news engines talking about this lady. I was surprised myself and she did seem a down to earth personality however, after reading your blog, it's proven!

One should never underestimate anyone, you never know when destiny will turn the tables around!
Great post... :)

Writing Buddha said...

thats right. no one knows that where the road of growth and success wil end up.

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