21 November 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

I Am A SINGLE CHILD & I Am Not An Alien !!!

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              Don't you feel lonely? Don't you get frustrated? Don't you feel like running out of bedroom? Don't you feel like abusing your parents for the invidious they did with you? Don't you ever feel that you are sick of being alone every time? Don't you feel that a company would have made your life more enrich and bizarre? Don't you feel awkward in the public to say that you are alone and single? 

            These are just seven questions I have shared here otherwise if you'll ask me to allude all the questions being asked to me about this topic, I would keep writing them for next 6 hours. People feel curious to ask me about my feelings and my life. The reason - I am the the SINGLE CHILD of my parents. I have no brother or sister. This is the reason why some people treat me as Alien. They feel like I am different from the world. They feel like I may be in the amidst of melancholy and I want to cry and I need someone's shoulder to cry and share my pains. I feel like laughing at them and I feel that they are alien to me. Haha. I know people are curious to know about the feeling of the person who have no brother or sister but they shouldn't show the excitement which says that you are not-a-human and I want to know about your distinct world and lifestyle.

            Mostly, it is found that SINGLE CHILD is sad and depressed. A loneliness and the scarcity of conversation always keep them isolated and sometimes they behave as a recluse too. It is hard for some Single child to cope up with the society and get mixed up and collaborated with the mobs and groups. They are conscious while speaking their heart out to someone as they have lived in an environment from their childhood times where they had no one to speak out. And the biggest problem with SINGLE CHILD is that the parents expect a lot from them and keep them pressurized to attain their dreams. This makes the child isolated from the parents and he/she keeps shivering whenever it comes to talk about their personal feelings with their parents. So because of the isolation in the house, it shows the same effect in the outside world where a person should be social and talkative (to some extent).

              I have always been a child who had many things inside him. He wanted to show it to the people. He wanted to talk as much as he can. My mother was always friendly to me but my father wasn't. His only aim and objective in my childhood time was to kick and sue me whenever he saw me passing time and enjoying (Now he is better than my mother ;-)). He wanted me to keep studying in whatever condition I am. This made the relation of my father and me very loose and weak (Now it's strong and firm). He expected 90% from me, best in every curricular activities organized by school, performance in all the cultural activities of the colony and so on. In the childhood, sometimes I felt that Yes, I am Alone. After the playing time, when I used to come home, I used to miss my friends. I used to think that they may be enjoying with their siblings right now and I have no one to talk to. This made me sad sometimes but it didn't let the performer inside me to die. As soon as I used to enter school bus, I used to start my naughtiness and do some or the other masti and dhamaal. I used to be in the Top List of the Controversial Personality of the Colony !!! (No Double Child or Triple child was as mischievous as me).

              Now, for a SINGLE CHILD, parents can be the best motivator and encourager. The best part of being a SINGLE CHILD is that they get all the attention of the parents. Parents should be interactive and playful. They should stop behaving like a parent every time and should be a friend first. I had my mother as my friend. I shared everything with her. She always supported me and therefore I never went into depression because of loneliness and isolation. I had good friends. So they were not less than any brother and brethren.

              I have always seen advantages in being a SINGLE CHILD. I never had to hide anything from anyone in my bedroom. I never had to share my bed and cupboard with anyone. If I am on computer, I am in no tension that my brother or sister may be returning from college and I'll have to hand the PC to him/her. I knew that if I want a mobile of 9,000, I'll get it and there will be no one to argue with my parents to get him/her a mobile too. Otherwise parents gift the mobile to both but divide the budget as 4,500 each. This is the worst disadvantage of having a sibling. The biggest advantage of being a SINGLE CHILD is no comparison and no targets to achieve more than the sibling to get more respect from parents. One person from the diabolic world is less to argue with. There is no tension of being exposed of everything I do outside the door. Siblings keep blackmailing their bro/sis of revealing their little and big crimes what they did in the school bus or college or anywhere. I am safe from this side too. 

               The only problem of being a SINGLE CHILD may be my son or daughter because they will have no place to visit in the holidays. They will have no cousins to play with. They will have no Chacha, tau and buaa. They may feel that my Father is so boring to have no one with him. Haha. But I feel that it is nice. It will be nice for my wife as she will be free from maintaining any kind of relativity with the extended family. No riwaaz and no customs to be performed. No len-den and no wastage of money in keeping the unwanted relatives happy and blissful. 

               The main problem of having a sibling is - When you see that he or she is sitting with the parents and having wonderful conversations and parents are showering all the love on him or her, you feel inferior and ignored. This is the most of the time when the child with sibling cries in the locked bedroom. At last I have no such reason to cry for. 

                 So the conclusion is that being a SINGLE CHILD is interesting and it has more advantages than having a sibling. My personal experience. Recently, according to a survey, the result said that Single Child are more happier than the one who share their space with their siblings. So stop looking us as Aliens. I Am A SINGLE CHILD And I Am Not An Alien is as obvious as My Name Is KHAN and I Am Not A Terrorist. ;-) 

                This is one of the most important blog post related to my life and a small confession about it. 

               Thanks. I hope you enjoyed.



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Prashant nepte said...

It's your thinking that having no siblings is a big advantage,If you were having brother or sister today you have written having "Sibling is too GOOD". :)
I have siblings and I am happy for that....

It's upon you how you think for it...
just think once again....

GooD Night...
:) :)

Writing Buddha said...

I havent said that having sibling is bad. I have written this post bcoz people think that Single Child is an alien. and no offense is meant to them those who have siblings. And one thing... I had my cousins who were very close to me and they were not less than real bro or sis, but at last I found that being a Single Child is much better than having siblings. and 1 more thing Prashant, I know u, u r a kind-hearted person so u can easily adjust with siblings or with any1 but its not possible with every1.. by d way thanks for ur comment wich came aftr a long time

Rakesh Vanamali said...

I envy you ;)

Unknown said...

My observation is that if one has a sibling too,it is always better but this is not in ur hands,God has made us what we are in this world.Some single children have been found to be more stubborn than others but it is in no way a general rule.
Cheers for good observations.

Writing Buddha said...

Rakesh, hahaha... I hope you will keep only 1 son or daughter so that your child will not envy others. hahaha

Writing Buddha said...

Dadaji, you are right. But still I feel that I got big opportunities to do bcoz I was a Single Child.

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