6 November 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Diwali - Beautiful but Hindus make it Horrible !!!

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        So its midnight and with this the biggest festival of India ends. The preparation, the wait, the excitement - All is over with the moon up in the sky. The demands to the God on the day of Diwali is always special. You keep praying and praying as your belief clamors that God will fulfill each demand you ask for. I hope God gives special mentions to our demands as they are asked on the day of the biggest festival. I just love the concept and ritual of the festival. Every religion is good and sweet. The followers are the one who corrupt the religion and hence there's the assassination of the image and outcome of the religion. Bursting crackers at the loud noise and till the late night doesn't make GOD happy. It just pollutes the biggest invention of God - EARTH. We don't think. We burst the crackers. Why? Is Lord Rama returning today itself from Ayodhya? Is it happening LIVE? Are you paid for doing this? Ok. I have said Wrong. Right? You felt it bad when I said that you are paid for bursting crackers. Some morons will decipher it as I am playing with their emotion and their love and concern for their God. A little Sorry to them. But the people who aren't Hindu will define us as the people who pollute the environment on the name of festivals. Batti Jali??

              See, everyone of us know that Lord Rama was sent to Jungle for 14 years with his brother and wife due to some conditions which his stepmother kept in front of his father. After the 14 years, the day when Lord Rama was returning to his main land - Ayodhya (his home), people celebrated his return by lighting the whole Ayodhya. They lit the diyas and candles. They made the whole city beautiful and spectacular with the sparks of small fires. That was the condition and the view when Lord Rama really returned to his city after 14 years. But as the years passed and the technology kept upgrading day by day, people invented crackers. The crackers which gives birth to loud noise and jeopardize the environment with the smoke it releases. As the year passed, more harmful crackers developed and thus the whole facet and beauty of Diwali changed. Change is for good. But this change didn't profited anyone. The people producing and manufacturing these crackers got a huge credit in their bank balance but it effected the humanity and our biosphere. 

              I am not asking people to stop celebrating Diwali. Do it. But do it in a proper manner so that no body is affected. Today, if I celebrate my birthday by cutting a piece of cake between my friends and then exchanging beautiful words amongst us, it will be so beautiful and unforgettable. But, if I celebrate it with loud speakers playing some raunchy musics which no one can understand except the creator of that Remix, my whole society and all the neighbors will frustrate by the noise and the chaos I'll create in the peaceful and silent environment. I think you got the example. Celebrate with a decency. Have you seen the pictures of Gods? They are so neat and clean. You can never see any God in a violence posture. All the postures gives you a calm feeling. But the way you celebrate and welcome your God is far appalling. Do it peacefully. Come together. Lit up your campus. Decorate your house with lightnings. Prepare good meal. Go to some Mandir to pray to the God and offer some charity to poor. Come back home and meet all the neighbours. Give them cards. On the name of crackers, play with anaar, chakri and fuljhadi. Just imagine such a Diwali. It is so lovely and beautiful. Agree? I hope so.

             I don't play crackers. I just light up my house. Today, for the first time in my life, I read the mantras, shloks, bhajans, artis while performing pooja for Diwali. I was so excited to do this. I am happy and thankful to my parents who gave this chance to me. Every time my father does this. After the pooja, we lit up all the diyas and placed them at all the possible places from where they will enhance the look of my house and thus Lord Rama who returned on the same day will like the way I and my parents are welcoming him. After this, we welcomed the Khan family with whom we are together from last 15 years. It is so nice to sit with a Muslim family on the day of Diwali and have the meal together. A sign of unity. A sign of negligence to the discrepancy created among different religions. We ate Chchola-Batura which was far tastier than any burger provided by McDonalds. This is the spark of Mother's hand. After this, I and my parents went to have a round in our area to see how others are celebrating and how the area is looking with the lights and sparks. After having the beautiful survey ;-), we went to another family friend - Chakraborty family who is also connected with us from last 12 to 14 years. Chatted with them regarding the festival and all the various topics. This is how the Diwali was celebrated by me and my parents. There is no sign of bursting the crackers or any unwanted activity. I do and therefore I can suggest the same to everyone. Hmm.

            So, wishing you Happy Diwali for the last time.  Please keep it immaculate.



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hamaarethoughts.com said...

very nice ,u have put up some important things here...like loud speakers and crackers..or pollution..its health hazard too...and moreover..they need to revise the rules n regulations during D'wali time or any major event coming up!!
"happy diwali" to you and your family(couldn't comment earlier was very busy last week)

preeti said...

hmmmm....well-written.....so u enjoyed diwali :) thanks..happy diwali to you too

Writing Buddha said...

Hey thanks mam for reading. Even if the rules and regulations are applied, will the people change? Surely not.. They have lost their mind. When the rules and regulations are already said by our myth.. why sud govt repeat it? Do we respect govt more than our holy books? No.. So when the people arent respecting the things said in Holy book... wat will they response to our govt? Null... So no use any rules here..

And yaa mam.. Happy Diwali to you and your cute little son...

Its OK mam..Atleast yo uare commenting and thats lot enough for me.. Thanks.

Writing Buddha said...

yaa Preeti mam.. I did enjoyed Diwali.. Ikts so happy to see that u have commented on the very first day of your visit on my blog.. Great.. Thanks... Ill be happy to see ur comment on every blog... Thanks a lot..by the way.. why have u thanked me above?

preeti said...

because you are also giving diwali wishes to everyone..so thanks alot for diwali wishes..

Writing Buddha said...

Ohh.. So sweet of you... u r very generous..

Manish said...

Nice post!!! Keep it up!!

Writing Buddha said...

Thank u Miss Rani..

Unknown said...

You have provided a nice collection of Diwali greetings. Happy diwali to you and your family www.diwaliblog.com

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