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        Yesterday, I wrote about Jawaharlal Nehru in short and shared his speech he delivered on the midnight of 15th August, 1947 when India got its freedom and independence. I got mixed responses on the speech. I am thankful to the God to give me an idea to share the speech. Some said that it is wonderful. A grandfather is reading my blogs regularly and he shares the incredulity of the speech of Nehru while there's a young friend who says that Nehru was none other than a selfish politician and a dumb twat. Different views and perceptions make an issue controversial. I have always seen that talking about a particular thing in excess and above confinements is always an act of blemished. But then these issues can't be ignored. Nehru is our first Prime Minister and we can't ignore him. We will have to talk about him on times whenever we need to discuss him and his strategies. Some would say that he is a genius while some are there who may upbraid him. Its wonderful to debate. But when you lack in the deep knowledge on the subject, its better to be quietus than giving a take on the statements presented by the persons. But readers are superb. They compel me to slog more to be more knowledgeable. A salute to all of you.

            Being as knowledgeable as the person who is sitting opposite to you and clamoring salubrious statements is always a desire and dream. But for that you should be enough dedicated and heuristic towards the hard work required to be as the person you are inspired by. I remember one incident my friend shared with me. It was so moving and real. He was sitting with his cousin sisters. He was in 1st year Engineering while the girls were in MBBS in the Top Institute. The sisters were talking in High class English. He was feeling little inferior and poor after he experienced their strength in the command of the language. He thought of being little more ostentatious as the sisters were proving themselves to be the masters. His sister shared something very informative which he wasn't aware of. He knew a word which he thought of using at this moment to show that even he is powerful in vocabulary. He clamored,"You have a great Sense Of Humor." All the sisters looked at him in disrupt and one of them said,"Are you sure you are using this word at the right place?" This guy had a misconception that Sense Of Humor means Sense of Great Knowledge. 

            He faced the inferiority and insult that day. He felt pity of himself. From that day, he started reading newspaper. Wherever he got a word which he wasn't sure of, he browsed the dictionary and tried to mug up the word. Whenever he found a strange word, he learned its word meaning. After the onus he felt for himself and his personality development, he developed a great vocabulary in 8 months. Now he has a good vocabulary. He can talk like his cousin sisters. He can sit with them with his head high and straight. His life and command changed after that. He never knew how to use the sentences with the new words he learned everyday and I gave him a suggestion to join Twitter and use the words in his tweets without caring how many people are following him and how many are abusing him. He started doing this and this helped him form sentences with the words he learned. 

             This is how anyone can be as knowledgeable as the person you admire. This is what I wanted to convey to the people who are still dreaming to be like someone. I read some articles in newspapers and I felt that I am far behind in current affairs and general knowledge. That was the day when I started reading newspapers like anything. Today, I feel that I have some knowledge. I still have a big space to improve. I started implementing my knowledge through my blogs by writing my views on some social happenings on the regular basis. Readers even complimented for it and I felt great. It motivated and everyday, I brush later but I go through the headlines first. And the first thing I do in the free time is go through each and every article so that I don't miss any knowledgeable one. This has really helped me a lot. 

             Friends, I hope you understood what I wanted to suggest and convey. 

Thanks. Your views are welcomed. 

ABHILASH RUHELA - VEERU trying to be knowledgeable.    

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