18 November 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Gossip Time !!!

            345th BLOG -->>

        After rejecting my mind's decision which kept on irritating the writer in me by repeating the cowardice words that you don't have any thoughts, go back and sleep, have rest and then write a blog tomorrow with a fresh and working mind. I thought why to leave the space of connect when there will be few people who may be waiting for what issue ARB has raised and mooted today. Some may say that we aren't getting anything about your life through your blogs which was the main reason why ARB came into the powers and associations with the hearts of many. Many would be saying that ARB has turned into an online portal of a reporter. Hahaha. I am sorry for talking about the current issues in abundance and exuberance. I can't resist my views when I read newspaper and find some crazy news. I come on the blog and post my views. I want the people to know about some issues which are mostly lost in the amidst of news which has nothing to do with our society and people. I am not from the bloggers who share their favorite cake's name and brand. I am the one who tries to decipher that the cake eaten by the people is pure or not. If impure, then a post on it so that people can know that the cake consumed by them may lead to the problems in their physique in the near future. This is what I am trying to do with my blog now-a-days. 

             I am getting a huge applauds from many of you for my work. This can be easily seen through the comments you are making on my works. An artist always want the feedback. If there is no feedback, he keeps on struggling to get it, if he don't get the same even after that, he starts experimenting with his work which leads to the downward inclination to the talent and the outcome he gave. This has happened with me in the past therefore I am aware of it. But currently, ARB is at its best. I never knew that there will be a day when people will really read my blogs regularly and make it a part of their regimen. Different peoples have different timings to read my blog. This makes the consistency on my blog for the whole day. Visitors keep visiting my blog throughout the day and hence my blog keep on dancing for the whole day. The aim is to serve the readers. The people who are interested in reading and its their passion, they always starve to get something new and different to read. I try to present an articulate write-up for them. And when they appreciate the work, all the efforts and hard works you had put in it, gets its fruit. 

             Tonight, I wanted to take some break from the type of posts I keep writing so I thought of talking with all of you. There should be some gossips naa?? If there would have been no gossip, there would have been no Bigg Boss. Right? Lets not talk about this show today. I will talk about it tomorrow as two contestants are going to be hurled from the show. So we will have a synopsis about the show tomorrow or anytime in future. But for today, its chats and gossips. Today, our organization- ARB touched one more remarkable feat which will be counted whenever the talks of our platform will conquer the people's conversation. The author of "A Feeling Beyond Words" - MR. ABHISHEK KOTHARI came to our blog, read it and liked it. In the words of appreciation, he denoted the name of his book too which was something special. The compliment of the honorable writer is -
                I am just speechless every time our portal - ARB touches a feat or a marking where aiming is also risky. Did I ever thought on 31st July, 2009 (the day when I started Blogging) that I'll get numerous published authors as my readers? Did I ever though that my idol - Amitabh Bachchan and Chetan Bhagat will read my blog and compliment me for my passion? Never. I never ever dreamed about it. I always thought one thing that I'll never stop writing in whatever condition. I tried to maintain it but I lacked every time. But my readers and my dear friends never complaint. They were always happy that I am almost regular on the blog, either its my exam or its something festive, I am there to interact with the people who are aimlessly sitting on Internet and want something interesting to do. I gift my Blog to them. I would like all of you to thank Mr. Abhishek to share his kind words with us and thus helping us to make our Interaction Platform more bigger than what it is. A big salute to him from my side and my team's side. 

              My prelim exams are going on. I don't want to study as I want to take a break from studies in this semester. I haven't declared this in front of my parents because they will surely get a minor heart-attack after hearing this. I haven't told to anybody as they will laugh on me. I am confessing this for the first time. Its late. Its 2 AM. Lets go and sleep. A big hug to all of you. 


With politeness,

ABHILASH RUHELA - VEERU in some gossip mood.

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Caspar said...

Really Abhilash you are right, blogs are all about sharing our thoughts. It dosen't matter what people will say, the thing that matters is what I want.

Divya (Virmani) Chadda said...

Very interesting... I liked this one! I wanted to read your blog but have been busy lately with work and watching Bigg Boss... haha!

Anyhow, I would suggest one thing... Along with blog writing, do concentrate on your studies as well since it will be the biggest asset in life! Speaking from experience... lol! :)

Writing Buddha said...

Rahul, yes buddy.. u r so right. This iwhat I realized after having a short synopsis about what have I written in the past few days and I found dat I am lost somewhere where people arent getting to know about me and my life beings. now its cool that I have started writing what a human will write rather than a robot. hahaha... thanks for the comments.

Writing Buddha said...

Hello Divya mam. happy to see you on my blog once again. And mam, yaa I want to study but what should I say now. no concentration and no dedication is making it impossible. I hope ill develop it soon so that I can blow everyone with my score in the exams. thanks. keep reading.

hamaarethoughts.com said...

good luck buddy!

Writing Buddha said...

Thank u my sweety Harman mam.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Good luck and God speed! Many you find many more creative outlets to come onto this space!

Writing Buddha said...

Hello Mr. Rakesh. Thanks a lot .. I hope you will be there every time to see how much I have grown up.

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