10 November 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Do I Love You?

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        It is not everyday that you share some secrets with the strangers. Some recommendations, some responsibilities towards the people and some generosity makes you write a post which declares the love and affection you have with a person. Sometimes I reveal the love and personal incidents between me and my mother which changes the relation and makes it more firm. Sometimes its about the Father, teacher or the best friend. But today, i am going to talk about the person who came to my life as a fake friend but continued the friendship as we know each other from years. This person was nobody to me before 6 months but today the person is a lot to me. Ok. I'll not do The person The person again. I am confessing that the person is a girl.

           Some 6 months back, I was chatting to an old friend when he told me about a new girl in our colony where I lived for more than 15 years. I thought of adding her as I want people to know me. I am hungry for fame and new contacts. ;-) I adder her on Facebook. She accepted me. While chatting with her for the first time, I was telling her about the kind of people I saw in the colony for so many years. I told her about the boys that no one is matured to be in a relation of Love and maintain it to continue for a longer time. Everyone is interested in a physical relationship. She was disagreeing to all what I was saying. I understood that she is in affair with someone in the colony. I gave her my number and told her to contact me if she is interested or if she wants to ignore she can. Somewhere I knew that she will not ignore the number as I know that girls like me even if they don't love me. ;-) Ab kahiin pe toh over-confident hone do yaar !!!

           She refused to pass on her number to me and I agreed as I knew that Kitney dino tak humse door rahogi. Hahaha. Sorry my dear, if you are reading. Par jhooth bhi nahi bol sakta. Haha. The very next morning after waking up I started checking the new messaged and missed call alerts on my mobile when I found a SMS with a new number which said," Hello. This is ***** (I can't reveal the name). I smiled and I said to myself, Maine kaha tha na k kitney din humse door rahogi. ;-) After this, we started chatting on SMS. She shared all her regimens with me and kept on telling me what she is upto. My number became a Twitter medium for her through which she kept on telling me What's Happening with her. After some days when I found that she is an innocent girl and she isn't fooling me. She is really trusting me, even I started sharing my secrets and routines with her. This made us more closer than before. I never missed replying to her SMS. During the lectures, while eating, while studying, while crossing the roads, I kept messaging her. I was addicted to her. Sorry, no WAS. I am addicted to her.

            Last month, she confessed her love to me and asked me to be her partner. It was more than anythnig to me. I never expected that a girl can fall in love with me. And the most craziest thing is that we have only seen each other for once and that too in the darkness of the night. Don't decipher a double meaning out of this. We were roaming with our friends in the colony campus respectively. I didn't understood what to reply. I asked her to be friends for a little more longer time. I asked her to keep patience. I didn't wanted to drop myself in a pool of confusions, irritations, expectations, quarrels, brawls etc etc etc. I wanted to be the best and the most special friend of her but not a love partner. I know you want to ask me that did I loved her or not? Actually, I am still confused what love is. If being addicted to a girl is Love, Yes I love her. If being tensed when the girl isn't replying for a long time is Love, Yes I am in love with her. If you keep on thinking about your first date with a girl you have never met before is Love, Yes I am in love with her. So, I still don't know what Love is so I don't know whether I love her or not. But, I do miss her. I do pray to meet her soon. Hold her hands as soon as possible. Hug her. Kiss her if she allows. I think of all this. 

            I can't leave this girl now. I will always support her. Even if she is wrong, I will try to support her. I trust her a lot. I hope she will not break this in future. I hope I'll meet her soon. I don't know how my first date will be but I know that I'll try my best to make it the most Romantic date ever. I don't know whether she will allow me or not. But I know she will as she loves me too. She has also declared that she trust me more than herself. I don't know how because we haven't met but I think her heart said this to her. I hope she will allow me to make the first date as romantic as possible. I want to sit with her for a long time keeping both her hands in my hand and talking as much as possible. In between, I would love to see her Smile. I would ask her to look into my Eyes and say I Love You again and again because these 3 words will make me love myself more than I do. I like this girl so much. I just want to meet her as soon as possible. We have some sweet fights but I love fighting and arguing with her as she is sweet and innocent. I don't know how much beautiful she is but for me her talks and nature is beautiful. They are Miss. Universe for me. Nothing is kept in the complexion of the skin and the features of the face. If the heart is pure and the love is true, the girl is beautiful for me.

            I think I have said a lot and you all have understood what I wanted to convey through this post. What do you think - I love her or not? I am waiting for your replies, buddies.


And Yes, My dear _ _ _ _ _ , I will never let you be alone. I am always there with you, for you and more than For Me. I am really addicted to you. Muaah.

ABHILASH RUHELA - VEERU in a romantic mood today. 

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Anonymous said...

it's luk someone is seriously in luv here.

Writing Buddha said...

Sachch mein?

Priya said...

U miss her.
U r addicted 2 her.
U want 2 meet her.
U wanna hug her.
U wanna kiss her...

Still dnt want 2 admit that u love her.
U r so egoistic man.
Wat'll happen 2 tht poor gal.
Admit it.

Writing Buddha said...

Hahaha... Priya , so cute.. Actually I want to do all this but I am not sure whther its love or just the excitement to meet... once or twice after meeting her, if all this curiosity will exist, ill surely reply positively.. I promise you mam...And I am not egoistic mam......Agar hota to I would not have posted this blog... right naa? hmm?

Anonymous said...

Of course u r nt egoistic...... N i 2 thnk dt u r rite.... After meeting her u ll b sure abt it dt whether u luv hr or nt..... N ya Best Of Luck 4 ur 1st date wid dt girl:)

Writing Buddha said...

Oh Megha.. I think u understood who the girl is .... hmm... Waise hows ur life?

hamaarethoughts.com said...

Abhilash..what else it is..if not love?? c'mmon accept it!! you have poured your emotions in this blog...bst of luck !

Guddu said...

Interesting.. Can't comment anything as I know very less about Love..

All I can say is u r lucky to have someone like her in your life.. Lucky to feel this feeling.. Lucky to live it although U both haven't met each other.. :) :)

God bless u both with loads and loads of happy moments..

Writing Buddha said...

Harman mam.. hahaha... No its not really the LOVE.. its that I like her a lot... How can I love her.. its just the quest to meet her and hold her in my arms as we are so much connected to each other now... hmm..

Writing Buddha said...

Guddu.. So sweet of you.. But I dont really love her...

preeti said...

May God bless both of u wid loads of luv n joy....:):)

Writing Buddha said...

thanks Preeti mam... but again I dont really love her.. its the post and made it over-romantic to bring the feel.

Anonymous said...

Mast hai bhai

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks bhaai. par naam toh likh dete

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