27 November 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

26/11 - AJMAL KASAB DAY !!!

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        As a Blogger and a medium who talks about the social issue, I have to research on the social and current topics before starting to write my views and words on it. But some topics are so special and so close to you that you don't have to research about them. They are always in your heart and you can write about them anytime without preparation. 26/11 is one of them. I know I am late but its better to be late than never. 

               We still remember the 26th November,2008. I was in the coaching classes in Nashik when this incident took place. I was totally unaware of the incident which took place in Mumbai at the Taj. I received a SMS from my cousin sister who texted me to take my care and be at the home. I was shocked that a cousin sister sitting in Delhi is asking me to remain at the home and not to roam outside. I replied back and I got the answer that a big and destructive terrorist attack has happened in the premises of the one of the biggest metro cities of the world - Mumbai. I came to the home running faster, switched on the news channels and started watching the news. This news continued to focus on the live activities at the spot for 3 days incessantly. I was quite shocked and amazed to see that The Hotel Taj which is said to be the identity of Mumbai is going through such condition. 

             Later on, when the whole incident ended up, I was so traumatized that I felt that everyone who has a big baggage behind his shoulders is carrying some weapons and ammunition and going to fire or annihilate a beautiful monument. This 26/11 killed 183 people. A group of audacious terrorist who were brainwashed and trained to play with weapons were guided to attack the Taj, Oberoi Hotel, A Jewish place and CST station. They entered the premises of India through the sea route and gave the whole incident a place in the history of terrorism. We lost some excellent commandos in this incident. After their soul left us, some ministers remarked some over-statements without thinking what they are speaking. People didn't forgave them and they had to pay for their evil and wicked statements by resigning from their posts and titles. Out of 10 terrorists, only 1 was caught alive while others lost their lives in the encounter. That one Prime Personality of current India is known as GREAT AJMAL KASAB.

            People were so angry with the ministers and the governance that they paid condolences to the people who died and requested for the justice as soon as possible because of which we eliminated the Latur's king - Vilasrao Deshmukh. I wanted to participate in the lightning of candle and thus pay my homages to the people who lost their life and to the people who lost someone from their life but due to traveling problem I wasn't able to go to Mumbai and pay my condolences. Sorry brethren.

            Mumbai saw a lot of truth because of this incident. Mumbai became matured after this. Mumbai became firm and stronger. What made us stronger was the continuous challenges of Pakistanis who asked us to defend ourselves if we can. We lost every time but after 26/11, I don't remember any such terrorist activity in Mumbai. Now the same Pakistanis has a fear of entering our premises and conduct the same God of Terrorism again. People are still waiting for Kasab to be hanged. Our judicial system has learned something from the story of Rabbit and Turtle (I think) which is delaying their final verdict on this issue. We are still depending on America that it will come between this issue and help us. We shouldn't wait for them now. It's the time to ignore everyone and come to the conclusion ourselves. Ajmal Kasab has already eaten 40 Crore of our country's account. I am sure that he will cross the collection of 3 Idiots and he will become the most superhit actor of India. 26/11 can be alphabetically called AJMAL KASAB DAY !!!

            People get goosebumps even today when they remember the day when enfilade was released from the terrorists and each sound took each life. The soul of Mumbai was dead. But the city of spirit, potential and audacity recovered back and came in the context again with the highest performance. The share market came to its level, the students started marching towards the school, the people started halting on CST for the jobs and many things started proceeding except one - The verdict on Kasab. Hope it will come soon and we will see a human's system dead which had the potential to dismantle the human's system of so many Indians. If Sachin is the God of cricket, I think we can say that Kasab is the God of terrorism. But we can't merit him with such a name because it has a word like God. So Kasab, you are meant for nothing. Let's say Hello to you for the last time. I hope you will meet Allah very soon and answer him about your biggest achievements you made on the beautiful Earth created by him - The Almighty. Allah, be ready to accept him. Keep the questionnaire ready. I hope Kasab will not have a lawyer there who will teach him how to manipulate Allah. 

Kasab, I want to wish you in advance, May your soul rest in peace.




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hamaarethoughts.com said...

I still remember...the 26/11 ..episode...the CNN guys aired everything live from India to US...it was horrifying moment..everybody knew India now on the Globe and the terrorist Attack..BUT..why this sample (Kasab)is kept still...it should be hanged publicly like Saddam who was also hanged publicly and shown on every channel so nobody DARE to take panga again..India needs to slap the terrorists properly left right and center,,,no sympathy,,,it should have been done long ago..what are they waiting for?

kul Bhushan Garg said...

26/11 will always haunt all Indians.I watched this horrifying encounter live for 3 days then.Thanks to the great martyr Tuqatam Omble that at least one terrorist was caught alive,otherwise no evidence of ISI's involvment could be conclusively proved.I am pained to see Kasab still alive,after killing so many of our brave policemen.He should be hanged publically at Gateway of India,immediately sothat It is a lesson for such people.

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