15 November 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Reporters Hate Suhaagraat and Honeymoons On TV!!!

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        I am a great follower of Bigg Boss. I still don't know why but I am. You can call me stupid, you can call me dumb, idiot, jack*** etc etc etc. But what can I do when my heart doesn't allow me to ignore the substance and go for a different option. Many people have a confusion over this show that what exactly is show about. What is the real perspective. It is nothing except the quest to find yourself in the characters and know how to handle the variations in a single character and fight with the humans to maintain your dignity and standards. We are living in a stable society and hence we have people who are interested in our back-bitching rather than mortifying us from the front in the public. But by chance, if this happens untimely when you aren't prepared for this, how will you defend yourself? This is what the episodes of Bigg Boss teaches us. I have learned a lot from this reality show which is often inculpated to be fake and scripted. No problem. At least it is better than that Saans-Bahu drama through which no change in personality occurs rather than one - Gossiping.

             Recently, I was browsing through channels when I saw some media reporters with an imaam sahib of Islam, A Pandit of Hindu, Vindoo and Kamaal Khan - recent contestants of Bigg Boss Reality Show and many other common people. I stayed on the channel and started following the program. They were discussing about the Suhaagraat (Honeymoon) of Ali-Sara which was telecasted in one of the episodes of Bigg Boss. I was stunned to see that media had problem with such a issue which is comparatively nothing in front of the Adarsh issue, 2G Scam issue and so many other issues which has effected Indian emotions and Country's finance in a destructive manner. 

            I saw that Bigg Boss episode they were discussing about. After their(Ali-Sara's) marriage on television, they were allotted a special room to stay for a night as it is the culture of Indian Marriage that on the first night, the couples are made to sleep together without anyone's permission to enter the room. They have beautiful talks and it is mainly considered that the couple enjoy their first sex on this day. I don't know whether every couple do this or not. I'll surely do. ;-) If you are born in this month, then your parents enjoyed the first intimacy on the Valentine's Day. Hahaha. What a calculation. 

            But they didn't did something which was too objective or meant offensive to the audiences watching it. Sara was holding Ali and they had blankets to cover their holding positions. They didn't even kissed each other. I am still in the modus operandi of DNA to find what was so objectionable and obnoxious that media wasted their 5 hours of crucial time in showing their intimacy scenes. Media had the problem that why are such scenes shown in the great reality show like Bigg Boss which is famous in majority of the family who watch it together with other members of the family. They were asking common people that don't they face problem when such scenes are shown on the television's leading channel at the Prime Time. The channel and the show showed the scene once in the Prime Time. But my dear media channel, you are showing the same scenes at the rate of 15 times in a minute. At this rate, you are showing it for 5 hours on different channels. The show showed it once in the Prime Time, you are showing it at every time - Day Time, Noon time and Evening time. What about you? 

            You show that you are the people who are meant to allude such issues in the public and hence make them aware of the excess which is blemishing the beauty of the society and culture. If you are the people who want these scenes to be unavailable on the channels, why are you repeating the same scene for 500 times on your media channels which is surely watched in the public? Vindoo answered to one of the question of the reporter that if people are having the problem with the scenes as it is unacceptable, they have the remote control of the television in their hand. They can just switch over the channel and watch Kaun Banega Crorepati which is telecasted on the same time when this show is telecasted. They will also gain knowledge with the show. The answer is so correct and germane. This is the best remedy of all the discussions and points mooted by the media. Media could have suggested their viewers about this in 5 minutes by criticizing the show and asking their viewers to unfollow the show and not to watch Colors from 9 to 10. But they are so dumb that they can't understand what a child like me can also suggest.

            They were talking about the quest of channels to gain the best TRP because of which they show such visuals which attract viewers. I felt like laughing madly. Media are themselves running behind TRP and they are pointing fingers on others. Haha. Our Indian media is really intolerable. I just think that if publishers will start printing newspaper in less quantity in future as they will face problems in meeting the demands of the high population, we will have to depend on the News Channels. But the News Channels are the Carbon Copy of Saans-Bahu Channels which helps the housewives to track the recaps of the episodes they have missed last night. Hope our Indian media gets some brain and they start being sensible with the news they offer us to see.

           Lets hope. I know its impossible but may be they will grow matured. 



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You show that you are the people who are meant to allude such issues in the public and hence make them aware of the excess which is blemishing the beauty of the society and culture.

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