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        It has been a long time since any reader has sent me a piece of word which he/she would want to share with people and the followers of ARB. This is a new start again. This post is sent to me by Mr. Kul Bhushan Garg. He is 65 years old. Yes, he is really 65 years old and he is as a grandfather for me. When he shared with me that he wants to post something through our blog - ARB, I was so enthralled that I asked him to send the post as soon as possible as I would love to see what will you write. Before talking anything more about him - let me share his Twitter account's link with you where you can find and follow him - Mr. Kul Bhushan Garg's Tweets . After looking at his age, I thought that he may send a boring and out-of-date post but he really made me surprised by the post and its matter. Three cheers and a lot of kudos to you, dadaji. Now let's move forward and read what he had shared with us. Do comment on this.


         I am trying to enter a new field of writing ,The encouragement to do so was provided by my new friend Abhilash who came into my contact through facebook a/c of my dear grand daughter only about a month ago.I am simply impressed & delighted to read his blogs.He is doing a marvelous job at such a young age.He is the spirit & motivation behind my new venture where I am trying to do something not done by me so far in my life of 65 years although I have been a great reader.


          I think everybody has vivid memories of his or her childhood- both good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant. I too remember many things from the period when I was hardly 5or6 yrs old. I used to play with a girl in my neighborhood. We used to sit on the roof of their house on a flat wide boundary wall. Her mother was so busy that she never watched us what we were doing or where we were sitting. 

               One day we started quarreling over something & she just pushed me knowing little what it could mean.I remember falling down from a height of about 15-20 feet in the street outside their house. My mother told me what had happened during the intervening period of 4-5 days when I regained consciousness. I had become unconscious after falling down. Some passer-by had informed my mother. She had gone there running, picked me up in her lap,brought me home ,informed my father by sending a messenger to his shop. In those days there were no hospitals or doctors in our village. There was a local Govt. dispensary manned by a compounder. My father requested him to come to our house with him and give whatever medical aid he could provide.I remained unconscious for 4 days as lot of blood had gone out of my left forehead.My parents had lost all hopes of my survival but I was destined to live.So I am alive till now.

              This incident is so vivid in my mind that I recollect it many times.I still remember that girl, she was so afraid & panicy after this incident that she never played with me thereafter. When we grew up,she used to feel very shy & repentant for what she had done to me unknowingly. I used to chide her jokingly that she had killed me but I was powerful enough to come back from the jaws of 'Kaal'-the death.

              There are many other sweet memories of my childhood. We used to go to a nearby school. I still remember my first day in school when I was taken there by my father.He had taken with him some sweets to be distributed to the class fellows. I was very much unwilling to go there and started weeping when my father went out leaving me in the company of strangers.Somehow I spent a few hours in the school but was sent to my house thru someone residing near our house. I remember being acoustomed to going to school daily after a few days only as I had made some friends there and no longer felt lonely.In fact I used to be first to reach school even the main gate was yet to be opened by the guard. He used to laugh at my punctuality. This habit of reaching early everywhere is continuing even today. I am never never late whenever and wherever I have to go, whether it is a party or a cinema show or a marriage party or a meeting, I never reached my office late in my entire career of 37 years except a few occasions when I am stuck in heavy traffic jam.

             Some habits continue with a person throughout the life. I too carry with me many habits imbibed in me in my childhood.

              I think I should stop now as this may not be too & long hence boring. Rest in my next post.
Hope u will enjoy reading it. Thanks for ur support & guidance. Do comment. 



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Vinayak said...

It is an amazing post and its really great that ARB provides a platform for its readers to share their thoughts through ARB. I hope that I could write something which is worth this site.
Great post :)

Writing Buddha said...

Its all the love of the readers. And I am still waiting for your personal post wich will not b about technology but about your personal life or experience. and thanks for your comments after so many days

Mohammed Raziuddin said...

This is really nice!!!!! Sir!! Is that girl still ur neighbor???

Ruchika Garg said...

Dad, this is superb. This is a great expression of your creativity. I am so glad you have taken up writing and are sharing it with all of us thru a blog!! You're an idol for us and I admire your spirit in life!!! Kudos and three cheers!! Love you, Ruchika Garg

Kul Bhushan Garg said...

Dear vinayak ji,thank u for liking my post.I shall try to narrate more interesting episodes in my future posts. thanks a lot.

Kul Bhushan Garg said...

Dear sir, thanks for reading my post.that girl was my neighbour in my native village,sir.This was about 60 years ago.I know nothing about her whereabouts now.Thank u once again.

Kul Bhushan Garg said...

Ruchika,this is Abhilash's blog which he has allowed me to use twice amonth.He is a nice boy.U may also get in touch with him thru his fb a/c available now on my fb.

Kul Bhushan Garg said...

I am thankful to all my readers who have taken the trouble of reading my maiden post.It is an attempt to express my feelings but the motivation and encouragement has been provided by my dear new friend Abhilash.

Writing Buddha said...

Oh Sir. you do not need to thank me. I have done nothing. You wanted to make your words reach to the masses. I just gave you the platform. Else the words are yours and the compliment you are getting are for your work.. It has nothing in relation with me. And I am proud of you because your post has been read by more than 100 people. I had publicized it in a wonderful way. I recommended it to so many people.

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