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Movie Review: Zero: Made only for SRK Fans! **

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Zero starring Shahrukh Khan, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma and directed by Anand L Rai has been one of the most awaited movies since its announcement and teaser. The trailer was also enough entertaining to take you to the theatre and that is what I did in its first weekend itself, went to a single screen theatre and watched the movie. Unfortunately, I could not find the same audience shouting and whistling in a movie starring one of the three Khans. But I still found movie to be an average stuff. It is nothing that makes it one of the rare gems of Hindi Cinema nor is it so bad that you would consider it in the same list of RGV ki Aag.

The first half of the movie is quite entertaining and seems to be on track with Shahrukh Khan regularly delivering perfect punches that makes the audience giggle, laugh and enjoy the scenes. His reaction to people whenever someone tried playing with his dwarf thing is also hilarious to watch. One thing I would like to mention here is that nowhere the director, writers and dialogue writers have done anything that would insult or humiliate the people born with some physical disability. We also see Shahrukh Khan’s character flirting with another specially-able girl who is suffering with cerebral palsy and also giving attention to him in return. Along with it, Bauaa Singh is also crazy about this famous Bollywood actress who he ends up meeting with somehow, gets crazier and does wrong with every possible person in his life just for being with her.

The 2nd half gets slow where he reaches USA to again impress Anushka Sharma who plays SRK’s love interest suffering with cerebral palsy and most of the movie after here is shot in a NASA like research centre which confines the movie badly as there is not much after which director could have done nothing to make the movie as interesting as its first half. Though this 2nd half is also different than what we regularly see in our Bollywood movies but the problem is that it’s not interesting enough. In fact, for a change, you miss Katrina Kaif’s character of Bollywood actress which she has played with such perfection and attitude that SRK and Anushka, both with great opportunity to play challenging roles, actually look dwarf in front of her. The another problem with the movie is that the chemistry between characters look plain and nothing charming considering that the movie is based on love angles. Both the relationship Bauaa Singh falls into are half-baked due to a failed script. 

Talking about the performances, the VFX has really been successful in showing SRK as dwarf but it does not surprise you enough as you have already seen somewhat similar SRK in FAN. Also, SRK did not change his acting style even a bit considering that the role was different which is a major setback for the viewers as they expected something majorly unique this time. Anushka Sharma really struggles in playing her role and doesn’t look convincing ever except in some portions of 2nd half. Katrina Kaif as discussed above is powerful with what she does and even I am surprised that I am mentioning her for her acting skills here. Rest all the other supporting cast are okay with none of the performances worth remembering as such. Overall, Zero is a movie made with lot of guts but average execution. I give the movie 2 stars out of 5. I found it watchable at least for one time.



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