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Review: The Reunion: A very beautiful & nostalgic content! ****

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The problem with web series is that you get to know if it is good or bad only after it ends. There might be simplicity or suspense throughout the basic nature of the show but only the last episode justifies if the web series was worth-watching or not. You agree or don’t, this is the truth! The last series I watched was “Ready 2 Mingle” which was great in the beginning but ended up being the same old boring Bollywood stuff with nothing newness to take away with you. I was very doubtful about the series I am currently reviewing i.e. The Reunion as I had not watched work of even one of their artists previously but surprisingly, if web-series should be made, it should be made the way The Reunion is made. Surprisingly, both the series are made by the same production- The Zoom Studios.

The series starts introducing its characters very perfectly in its first episode itself where almost all the main characters are introduced without making the screenplay look to be in a hurry or incomplete. In the 2nd episode itself, the reunion begins, and it is rejoicing to see all the characters come together and the emotions that are displayed where there is excitement between few of them whereas awkwardness among others. The show begins with making viewers sit in suspense to know why the dynamics is such between few of the characters and what has happened between them in the past. In the later episodes, the emotions, scenes and fun is beautifully managed where the concept of reunion is kept afresh and still does not become cliché where you can only expect from an Indian concept to show opposite genders coming together and having unplanned smooches and sex and then getting confused in the pre-climax if it was really love or lust since all these years. Fortunately, there’s not a single steamy scene or kiss in this series which tells how focused the makers have been on the content. Here, the team of The Reunion has written a very simple yet very exciting screenplay which satisfies you at the end of every episode.

All the main characters played by Veer Rajwant Singh, Sapna Pabbi, Anuj Sachdeva and Shreya Dhanwanthary are excellent and boosted with respective good performances. My personal attention was fetched by all four of them. Only in the cases of Anuj Sachdeva did I feel that he was trying hard to act and sound like Hrithik Roshan. The supporting actors who played rest of the friends and teacher are also fine in their role and does not disappoint. The dialogues are superb. This is the first web-series I have found with such great top-notch dialogues. The background score and songs also suit the ambiance of the show. The writers have also been confident and mature enough to end the show with few relationships ending on good whereas few ending on bad note despite viewers expecting opposite to happen in couple of the cases. In the end of the last episode, the finale, I literally ended up having water in my eyes which speaks enough about my opinion about this series. I give this one an excellent 4 stars out of 5.



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