11 December 2018 | By: Writing Buddha

Movie Review: Batti Gul Meter Chalu: Watch it for it's court scenes only! **½

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I had heard a lot of good reviews about the movie Batti Gul Meter Chalu and I was doubtful about it considering the performances of Shahid Kapoor in all his recent movie; or I must say, every movie barring one or two. And when the movie also has another actor like Shraddha Kapoor who lacks potential of being a commendable actor who can make you laugh and cry through their prowess of acting then there is not much that you expect with the movie. And sometimes, this is what works for the movie and director. Irrespective of making an average film with few great scenes, a movie is considered as a good cinema which leads to many audiences going and feeling the same because of aura created around the movie. The same has been case with Batti Gul Meter Chalu.

Though personally, I did not feel that the movie is totally unworthy or something like that but it fools you in making you believe that it’s a great movie though it’s just a ship that somehow saves itself from sinking with a sensible 2nd half. The movie talks about a genuine issue in our country where electricity is a major problem in many villages and outskirts area. Over that, the electricity supplier big gamers enjoy corruption by billing the citizens such overcharged and unacceptable bill that a person has no other option than leaving everything and only fighting with the concerned department to ensure that he does not have to pay such a hefty amount which is nowhere in his budget. This case is not at all given any importance in the first half where the movie is majorly about idiotic segments which leads to nothing except showing us how close the three friends are. It is only in the 2nd half when one of the friends suffer with this injustice that the movie stands on its leg and delivers something which makes you stay with the movie until climax.

The court scenes in the movie are the only reason why I would even recommend this movie to you. The way humor is made a part of it is what makes the script, dialogues and experience of this movie considerable and uplifts the movie from its below average meter. Rest, there is nothing that I would like to talk about the story has there’s nothing in it. The dialogues are irritating in the movie as just to justify the local language of Uttarakhand, the usage of words like bal, thehra, sakna etc. are inserted in every sentence which itches a lot as an audience. Talking about the performances, it is only Shahid Kapoor’s performance in the 2nd half that needs to be mentioned alongwith a powerful cameo of Sameer Soni. The songs are forgettable except Dekhte Dekhte which is also inserted where it was least needed. Overall, it’s a movie which has only few scenes to hold you otherwise it can be easily missed and forgotten. I give this one 2.5 stars out of 5.



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