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Movie Review: Badhaai Ho:- A Movie meant to celebrate for its excellence! ****

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The trailer of Badhaai Ho is a short comedy movie in itself which makes you laugh and giggle in every second of its playback time and watching it itself had assured my tickets for the movie. I know certain people in my acquaintances where such cases have taken place that the mother of the house who should be marrying her children gets pregnant herself embarrassing the whole family. And because these children who feel embarrassed were my friends, I can relate very easily with the character of Ayushmann Khurrana and his brother where they are running away from their friends, girlfriend, colleagues, society giving looks which I am very much familiar with.

The movie is very well made on the topic which is unique and distinct yet speaks about the situation which many families in India suffer due to lack of sex education or feeling ashamed in asking for condom and using it. This movie very specifically speaks about such issues too without preaching anything yet speaking out loud the topics that needs to be spoken. The movie is damn funny and each of its situational comedy scenes works perfectly in making the audiences laugh. The one-liners make you laugh even after you leave the theatre. Such is a magic of writing in this movie. The 2nd half is as wonderful as 1st half in which the pregnancy news break. I was damn sure that 2nd half will not have much excitement, but it had its own moments which works a lot in the favour of this movie.

It is very necessary to talk about social stigmas and taboos through movies and I am glad that the director Amit Sharma have done the same so efficiently. Talking about the performances, full marks should go to everyone as after a long time, I have seen a movie where everyone seems to be playing the protagonist and also the supporting actor at the same time. Gajraj Rao and Neena Gupta does a great job through their expressions and body language which makes the movie funny even in their silent moments. Ayushmann Khurrana does a phenomenal job with his expressions and his back to back performances in Andhadhun and then this speaks a lot about his skills. Sanya Malhotra though in very less frame time creates magic on the screen and proves that she is more than a Dangal girl when it comes to versatility as an actor. Surekha Sikri is another one who has given some scenes which moots the level of the movie due to her performance and dialogue delivery skills.

Overall, Badhaai Ho is the movie meant for celebration and I recommend you go and watch it with your family preferably and friends. I give this movie 4 stars out of 5 for sheer entertainment.



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