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Movie Review: Karwaan: This is how road trip movies should be made! ****

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Every time Irrfan Khan is featured in a Hindi movie, I feel quite an obsession about that movie considering the kind of roles he do. The movie might turn out to be bad but he never disappoints in his role. When I first saw the trailer of the movie, Karwaan, I was quite skeptic about how the movie would be considering that the other two in the starcast are new in the Bollywood and hence, Irrfan alone had to carry the movie on his shoulders. But after watching the movie, I can delightedly say that all the three actors are the three legs of this stool which could not have stood with stability without anyone of them owning their role.

The script of the movie is very tight and does not allow any drag or stretch in the storyline. Right from the first scene, the movie is on its mark and keeps running incessantly with powerful scenes and dialogues until the end credits begin. At once in the beginning, as a regular viewer of Bollywood, you feel what more can the writers do with such limited plot but the way it has been transformed into a road-trip movie is an altogether different skill. The screenplay is also very efficiently build that doesn’t confuse the viewers and takes them along with the characters in the movie on the trip.

The characterizations are so strongly written that you want to know the story of each one of them. Dulquer Salman’s tensed relationship with his father and the way he reacts after hearing about his death is nicely handled. Mithila Parker’s own challenges are also shown with a casualness telling about her lifestyle which is special in its own way. And Irrfan Khan’s character with his own past and present is humorously portrayed which becomes the crisp of the script. The 1st and 2nd half of the movie are equally compelling. The cameo of Kriti Kharbanda is special in its own way and how she carries herself in this small segment tells about her maturity as an actor. Overall, the movie is a cinematic experience with everything worth remembering. I give these one 4 stars out of 5.



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