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Happiness Is All We Want! by Ashutosh Mishra (Book Review- 4.5*/5) !!!

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There are several books written on spirituality, body and mind separately whereas you will rarely find a book talking on all the aspects together. Ashutosh Mishra’s “Happiness Is All We Want” is one such book I have come across which provides you wonderful solutions to achieve happiness. I have been a big Robin Sharma’s fan because of which I generally do not like self-help book written by any other author but after reading Mishra’s first book, I can claim that his intentions are visible in each and every word written in the book. You can feel the good soul behind the book and thus, you ill enjoy reading it.

Reading this book has been a wonderful experience and thus, I read only 10 pages per day in the morning which actually made it very easy for me to pass rest of my stressful day by applying the ideas provided by the author. The best thing about Ashutosh’s approach is that he not only discusses the issue but provides solution to it and also shares some experience of his or his acquaintance who was suffering through the same patch but recovered by applying the suggested tips. 

The book is nicely divided into three parts- Mental, physical and spiritual well-being and each of them provides some specific points which is summarized in the end of the book which you can refer every week and check mark if you are following the same or not. Every author is able to provide better solutions on any one part of the three mentioned above but Ashutosh Mishra is one of those authors who have been able to write about all the three topics equally good and effective. 

The book provides the reader enough motivation to stop reading in between itself and first accomplish all the tasks that have been kept behind due to procrastination. I have personally liked the last session of spirituality more because I was searching for solutions and the book has been able to provide the same. My suggestion to all the readers picking up this book would be to read it slowly rather than completing it in one sitting. This book is meant to be absorbed rather than keeping it in shelf. I give this one 4.5* out of 5. 



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