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Review: Parmanu: One of the best made patriotic movies! ****

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Frankly speaking, I had not given a damn to the trailer of "Parmanu" when it was launched on Youtube because of John Abraham as it has already been enough that he has been given opportunities but each time, his acting has only disappointed us, the audience. But after the movie released and people started talking about it, I thought of finally watching it. The film has recently completed its 50 days in theaters which is a very big accomplishment in this era of cinema where movies give up on Monday itself. Parmanu is produced by none other than the man himself- John Abraham. 

Parmanu is the movie about the 3 nuclear tests India underwent by fooling Americans with the help of its experts. The film is high on emotions and makes it sure that you are totally engaged with it. The first 10 minutes of the movie itself blows you with its picture perfect scenes and dialogues. The John Abraham's committed look in each scene tells you that the movie and actor- both are going to impress you for sure. As the story progresses, it becomes little stretched and slow in the middle sections of the first half of the movie but the moment character of John Abraham gets the task of taking the mission of testing nuclear projects in the land of Pokhran along with his team, the movie takes a wonderful launch which lands only after the last end credits roll out.

The movie is very simply made without throwing patriotic dialogues every now and then. It also does not say anything against Pakistan throughout the movie. It is not loud but still speaks volume considering there are not clapworthy dialogues in the movie. Talking about the locations and the star cast, nothing is big yet the movie keeps you interested in its spectacular show. The CGI is very well used in the scenes of explosion etc. Talking about the performances, John Abraham has executed his part very well and impresses with his tough expressions and the last scene makes you weep with the performance that he delivers in that particular segment. Boman Irani has also played his part to the T and keeps you hooked to your seat. All the other supporting performances are also worth-watching. Overall, a very good movie keeping the suspense rising with each minute. I give the movie 4 stars out of 5 for sure. It has repeat value too. Yes!



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