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Movie Review: Simmba: A Perfect Bollywood Entertainer! ***½

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 There are very directors for whom you go out to watch movie irrespective whoever is casted in the movie that is because they have made such cinemas before which has been able to connect with you. Once such director for majority of Indian audiences is Rohit Shetty. Since he has started making movies as a Director, he has ensured it to be at least a HIT thing if not Blockbuster. And the most popular of all his creations has been Singham series where Ajay Devgn as cop entertained the masses every time he spoke his trademark dialogues or made the villains cry for life. On the same lines comes his new movie “Simmba” which stars none other than one of the most popular actor of our times, Ranveer Singh, where he plays the cop just like Ajay Devgn but he unlike him is corrupt and is in the service only to earn extorted money.

To start with, let me tell you that Simmba is an entertaining movie which ensures that you do not get bored even for 5 minutes and keeps you enthralled and celebrated throughout. You keep witnessing another character of Rohit Shetty transform into one of the roles that shall always be taken name whenever audience’s favorite movies shall be listed and talked about. It is also ecstatic to watch Ranveer Singh as a normal human being after seeing him regularly in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s movies where he plays over the top historic characters.

Movie has funny moments throughout that ensures audience is regularly laughing or giggling. The background music again plays its part perfectly to make every tactic of this cop look iconic. The action scenes in the 2nd half are powerful and worth-applauding. The only problem that I felt throughout the movie was lack of characters’ description which makes it little less exciting to find the protagonist interacting with supporting casts. Except Ashutosh Rana’s character, none of the characters are clearly defined.

One good thing that the director has been able to maintain is keep the character of Simmba funny and entertaining even in the 2nd half when he gets quite serious to take revenge from the villains. Also, Rohit Shetty has kept the climax quite realistic and grounded rather than getting into his old formula of cars flying and blasting in the air. The cameo of Ajay Devgn as Singham in the climax is a complete single theatre thing which makes you whistle and clap. And the best part comes in the end where another Cop character is introduced which stars another Superstar.

Talking about the performances, Ranveer Singh is as he is, full of energy and entertainment except few places where he struggles in Marathi accent. Sara Ali Khan has very minimalistic role yet she marks her presence even in that small part. Ashutosh Rana is effective. Sonu Sood has again given a top-notch performance as a villain. All the rest star casts are okay. The music of the movie isn’t very great which is a major setback though Aankh Maare remix is doing great on music charts. Overall, Simmba’s arrival and announcement of next Cop series by Rohit Shetty gives me a feeling of something like Hollywood’s Avengers concept that can be created after few years. Amazing Idea, I must say. I give this movie 3.5 stars out of 5.

Go and watch without trying to find much logic into the movie. Enjoy it for the character and masala that the movie has.


Abhilash Ruhela 

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