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Review: Shahid:- One of the powerful script-based movies! ****

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Shahid is one of the movies that made Rajkumar Rao’s talent stamped for most of the movie buffs. I had not watched the movie till date considering it to be more of the documentary types than being an entertaining movie or even a serious movie which can keep you intrigued. I watched it recently on one of the web channels and the way movie has impacted upon me is indescribable. Shahid is a biopic based upon Shahid Azmi who fought cases in favour of the people being charged for serious crimes as terrorist attacks, murders etc. People always referred him with names, but he did not stop fighting cases for such clients because he had a belief that not every person charged as guilty is really guilty and the case needs to be fought being neutral and unbiased owing to his own experiences.

The film shows his whole timeline of life very clearly without confusing audiences with unwanted to and fro in the timespan. Hansal Mehta must be credited for this. How the character’s life gets impacted after the bomb blast of 1992 because of which he goes on for militant training but leaves it as soon as he realizes that it is all a brainwashing activity and nothing else. Then he comes back but gets arrested by the police in false cases and remains in jail for next 7 years. He is finally out after which he begins his law practices. The court scenes are realistically filmed as in most of the movies these days where the lawyers are shown cutting each other in between to prove their points and not letting the other person speak. Even in such scenes, the way Shahid fights the cases with as much modesty and professionalism is nicely portrayed.

Talking about the dialogues, they are powerful. Some great dialogues and scenes are between Shahid and his elder brother. Other small integrity shown is in the relationship of Shahid and his wife before and after marriage. The background music is soothing. The climax is nicely ended giving you a feeling of having watched a complete movie rather than such serious movies ending in an incomplete way for you to decide what could be the ending according to you. Overall, Shahid is a delight to watch and a very powerful movie. When you say a script needs to be perfect, you should always point your finger towards this movie for giving an example. I give the movie 4 stars out of 5.


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