9 December 2018 | By: Writing Buddha

Movie Review: Tigers: An Unjustifiable movie! **

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I have never been a fan of movies based on documentaries or belongs to the genre because it tries to be too serious to make audience thrill with its content. The news reporters have started telling news in much interesting way than a documentary speaks about its subject matter. When I came to know about Zee5’s latest release starring none other than Emraan Hashmi, named “Tigers”, I was quite positive about the high probability that I would get mesmerized by the movie which would make me watch other renowned and acclaimed documentaries but Alas, the movie could not prove anything pragmatic about the whole thing and I ended up feeling disappointed when the end credits rolled out.

The movie starts on a promising note where an MNC is refusing to take any kind of responsibilities for the side-effects that their product is causing to its citizens. And then the screen switches to few set of people who are on video call with the character played by Emraan Hashmi of a salesman (who have stood against a big MNC and got stuck in between of a situation where he wasn’t getting any support) and assuring that if a documentary is being made on him will they face any legal issues.  Emraan Hashmi takes them into the flashback and this is where there is some more hope generated from the movie as it’s based in Pakistan and about a cause that should be spoken about clearly and loudly. But irrespective of a simple and justifying performance though not superlative or overwhelming, Emraan Hashmi could not do much to save the movie which has too simple plot to intriguing the audience.

The script is not very strong in order of its plot where a simple salesman is going to charge a big MNC in a country where every other person is corrupt and involved in everything going wrong around. There is nowhere in the movie where you would get shocked, surprised, astonished, thrilled and impacted with the twists and turns. This is a very good story on which a movie could have done wonders but Alas, Tigers did not owe up to the opportunity. Talking about the performances, the supporting casts are okay and there are no performances which could be mentioned specifically for their outstanding feat. Overall, Tigers is a movie which speaks about an issue which is very serious and prominent even today though this movie is stuck for release for 4 years but its execution is not that great which could move audience as much as the issue did. I give this one 2 stars out of 5.




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