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The Mastery Manual by Robin Sharma (Book Review: 4.9*/5) !!!

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Robin Sharma is one person whose book I read like I am going through some Bible. Each and every word in his book is a quote. You will want to note each and every sentence of his in your journal. Every page is a magic and you will not be able to stop yourself reading the book until the last page is not turned. Today I completed another book of his named “The Mastery Manual” which released in the year 2015 and with this very book, I am done reading all the books by the author and I can say the amount of changes that he has been able to bring into my life, no other living entity has ever been able to.

The Mastery Manual has Robin Sharma written all over it. 36 small chapters discussing about different areas of your life which needs improvement and refinement. Each chapter written in a manner which needs to read one each day. Every chapter has guidelines about the few tips that you need to follow to bring a magnetic change in your life which changes your approach towards living. Every chapter asks you to answer few questions in your journal and then try understanding what you actually wish from your life.

Once again, Sharma has given tips and advices that we wait for someone to tell us and inspire us in such a manner that we start following rituals right from the next day itself. I believe that Sharma’s writings can bring even a person in his grave stand up and live his life all over again to correct all the time that he wasted in useless activities. The Mastery Manual is a very inspirational, motivational, self-helping and a guiding book. Once you will complete reading it, you will want to read it once again to absorb all the words of the author so that it stays with you all your life. The only drawback of the book is that Robin has repeated many sentences and paragraphs again and again without realizing that all the chapters are being bonded into a single book itself. That is the only thing which stops from this book from being almost a perfect self-help book. I give it 4.9 stars out of 5. MUST-READ.



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