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Mayhem in South China Sea by P. R. Franklin (Book Review 4*/5) !!!

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I remember watching “The Ghazi Attack” some months ago and enjoyed it a lot because of its thrilling and surprising elements with intelligence and mind games involved in the whole game of fight between the two countries. If ever I would be able to compare the movie with any book, it would be none other than my latest read book named “Mayhem in South China Sea” written by the debutante P. R. Franklin. The book is written with very good research and knowledge which is evident in each and every chapter. You can decipher just by how the scenarios and conversations between the characters are planned about the background of the author who has served in Defence services and has a wonderful experience list.

The book is about the plot that is based upon how China is trying to occupy the South China Sea and treat it as its own area while the neighboring countries and littoral states are helplessly watching it happen. With the support of America, India decides to upset the Chinese policy. The book starts with full flow and maintains its rhythm throughout till climax. The book never gets boring at any time. The way the author has used his experience in writing this fiction tells about his conviction towards defining few rules about how to treat the countries/continents who try to break the rules for their own benefits.

The book treats various characters such as politicians, civilians, officials, terrorists, separatists, media, naval forces, defense team etc. Author never fails adding twists and turns whenever needed. The dialogue between the different parties is nicely written which makes you smile while reading the conversations. The war and strategies are nicely handled in the second half of the book and mainly the climax. The way the book ends make you want to read more about it. I wish author writes something on the similar lines again. The book has been edited well because of which you never feel any part been stretched. As the book is divided into small chapters, it is easy to read in multiple sittings which is generally not the case with thrillers. Overall, an impressive debut. I give this book 4 star out of 5.



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