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Warjuna- Book 1: Mrithasu Rising by Krishnaraj (Book Review-3.75*/5) !!!

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Since Shiva Trilogy has made it mark in the Indian literature market, I have seen many authors trying out their creative piece in the same genre by writing stories based in the historical era. Many authors have done well in it while many have failed badly. I know many books that were meant to be a trilogy but never came out with their 2nd part because the first one itself didn’t work with the readers. It’s very tough to garner the interest of readers when you are writing in the same genre as everyone in the contemporary period where the particular stuff has become fashionable. However, I just completed reading the book named “Warjuna” which is said to be the first book in the trilogy based on the rising of the Mrithasu. The book is written by the author Krishnaraj and published by Notionpress.

This 300-pages book doesn’t allow the reader to get up from his seat and leave it even for a second. The book engages you right from the first page itself. The author does not take time in introducing Arjuna with the readers and makes sure that he is regularly involved in all that takes place throughout the plot. The way author has managed to take out some characters from the epic, The Mahabharata, and use them in a totally new story based in another era makes this book special. Earlier, it took me sometime to understand how exactly is the book related with Mahabharata but after reading some more pages, I understood that it is a totally new fantasy fictional world that the author have created in this book.

The book is very fast-paced and the story regularly moves forward without boring the reader at any point. Some or the other events keep taking place in the whole set-up of war and the ideologies shared between the characters and the way war is proceeded with different political mindset gives the reader what he desperately asks for. The only problem with the book is that to move the story ahead in a very speedy manner, author has forgotten to give some time to develop the characters. The characters are just used as a stepping stone in this story and only the main protagonist is discussed in detail. Anyways, the way author describes action-packed scenes, nature, Mother Earth, war-based scenarios tells a lot about how deeply he fantasizes the world within his mind and only after which he shares it with his readers. Overall, this book will make you imagine each and every sentence in your mind and take you to a different world itself. I give this 3.75* out of 5. I am definitely waiting for its 2nd part to release soon and take the author’s work a level up.



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