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Himalayan Lust by Sadhguru (Book Review-3.5*/5) !!!

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In the books and authors that speak only about spirituality, I have gone through many books but finally found my home and solace in the books and words of Sadhguru. I can identify with every word that he speaks. Even if something that I am not able to understand, following some advises of his makes it possible for me to decipher the meaning of what he wanted to speak in that particular chapter or paragraph. I am just done reading his “Himalayan Lust” written in the year 2010. It has become my task these days to read all the books of Sadhguru one by one and follow the path of meditation. Because they he describes meditation and concentration, no one else does.

Himalayan Lust is about the conversation of Sadhguru with the seekers who joined his adventure of trekking over Himalayas. As everyone could not be with Sadhguru in this great experience of being at Himalaya, this book helps the reader to understand the thought process of each peak and mountain with significance as Sadhguru talks about specific topics only at respective peaks. The dialogues between the Seekers and the Sadhguru is nicely edited and presented which helps the reader to understand the topic in flow. Otherwise it would have been very messy for the reader to understand what exactly is being talked about.

Sadhguru answers many difficult questions like why saints chose only mountains for meditation, how does one know that which Guru is real, how does one understands that one is in need of meditation, how much is several myth related with a normal person who has never been in touch with meditation etc. The best thing about the book is that even after the book is based in Himalayas, Sadhguru presents his ideas and tools in such a way that it does not sound religious from any point of view. Any person of any religion will find his talks relevant and customized for himself. The only drawback of the book is that I found Sadhguru talking too much about his greatness in this book unlike many of his books and speeches. I was surprised to notice this again and again. Another problem is that the book is not much about Himalayas as the title goes. This is just another book on spirituality by Sadhguru but has nothing to do specifically with Himalayas or mountains. I give this book of Sadhguru 3.5 star out of 5.



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