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A Sister To Honour by Lucy Ferriss (Book Review- 4*/5) !!!

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I have never read any book by Lucy Ferriss before but while browsing through the books published by Fingerprint publishers, one of my favorite publication houses in India, I got to read the title of the book “A Sister To Honour” which made me pick up the book and read it this weekend. The cover page of the book says a lot but its only after you end up reading this almost 400-pages book that you are able to comprehend what this book wanted to let us know. The way author has discussed some contemporary issues through this story is worth-praising. We only hear in news about honour killing etc. but after reading this book, the mentality that few regions, religions, sect etc. has will open your eyes as an individual.

This book is about a Pakistani girl who goes to USA following her brother who is already settled there as a star athlete. She never knew what future had for her. She just wanted to finish her medical studies in this part of the world. But one photograph of her holding hand of an American man that gets posted on Internet changes her life. Even her brother, Shahid, who is expected to save the honour of his sister, is considered a crime-in-partner for not being able to save his sister from getting into such acts. This would have been a normal case for any American girl to do but for a girl belonging from Pakistan primarily, this case leads to investigations and what not.

The way author lets us know the point of view of each character by speaking the story in the first-person voice makes it easy for us, as a reader, to understand the different mindset of people. At some moments, we feel like hitting some character speaking their mind for being so miserable in their thinking and close-mindedness that it becomes hard to accept some truths in the form of this fictional story. The book is nicely written which makes us read every page with details to capture every minute details about the people’s reactions, mindset and thinking.

The first half of the book sets the plot of the book while the second half of the book actually plays the purpose behind writing this novel. The good thing about this attempt is that author has based the whole thing in USA to make the reader understand about how two totally different cultures resides on this same planet itself where something is very casual at one end of the world while it is a crime in the opposite end of it. Such a bold topic is very greatly handled by the author and I give this 4 star out of 5. I would ask everyone to read this book and also ask everyone to read this book in your circle that belongs to such close-minded society. Kudos to the author for attempting something like this. Recommended!



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