23 July 2017 | By: Writing Buddha

What did the loss of Champions Trophy and Women's World Cup teach us?

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Everyone was not over Champions Trophy defeat that we lost another important finale, Women’s Cricket World Cup tonight against England. Though no one had expected our team to reach Finale so easily crushing almost every team they got in their way. This was a game that we had almost won. It was just because of some hurry in the end that made us cost a World Cup trophy which would have cemented our place in the Women’s Cricket as well. Similarly, we see Indians losing many such important events at the last stage most often. Why is it so? Why are we unable to take that last shot properly? Why are we not able to handle stress when it is most needed? Why do we lose our concentration and determination just before the final jackpot is to be handed to the flawless winner?

Since childhood, we are asked to win big. We are never encouraged to participate but everyone wants us to win as soon as we tell the people about our participation in something. The stress level gets boomed right from that moment itself. No one encourages you to just participate and not think about winning all the games. No one asks you to just give your best and leave the results in the hands of the God. No one. The Indian parents want you to be first if you are in the race and they purposely pin you daily to ensure that the medal is coming to our home rather than the neighbour’s wall. This inspires us initially and we give our best in the very early stages and conquer what no one before us has done either in the society, family, village, town, state etc. But the moment we find ourselves in the last game that will decide who’s the ultimate champion, the expectations and promises that people have themselves made on behalf of us stresses us like hell and we always perform under pressure.

We have heard it many a times from Indian parents that our kid performs well in Unit test, prelims etc. but we do not know what happens when he is out there to give his final examination. The child scores best throughout the year but screws it all in the exam which matters. This is only because we never asked that child to enjoy studying and let the results take care of themselves. We always demanded our child to not study but still score 1st no matter what. This makes his blood flow frozen the moment he sees the Question paper being distributed. And as soon as the paper comes in his hand, rather than feeling positive about the questions for which he knows the answers well, his negativity multiplies tremendously for that one highly weighted question which he didn’t prepare for. And then he imagines his parents, siblings, families and everyone’s reaction on his result day when we won’t be scoring as good as he is expected to.

When we are enough deserving to reach the Finale of any game, job or task, we shouldn’t be defeated in the final event no matter what. We should be totally stress-free and take even that moment as just another day of our daily life and perform. This will help us to motivate ourselves for all the future endeavors as the way we carried out ourselves in this moment of craziness that will remind us of the power we have within us. The people around us should also learn that winning and losing is just two options when you are against someone/something. So anyways, if you do not end up winning, you lose. It’s just that and not the end of it. People make us believe that we have lost everything and we do not know if next time we would be able to perform as brilliantly as we did this time.

Let’s encourage everyone around us to just prepare using the best tools available and take every match as a learning game to know what’s good and what’s still lacking in our performance. By the time, we are about to take the next exam/game, we are ready to not do the same mistake as last time again. This will automatically keep eliminating all our negatives and by the time we reach the D-day,  we do not think about winning it under pressure, but play with positivism keeping in mind that we have to not repeat any mistake we did in our previous exams/tasks/games which will gradually bring the trophy to us. Whatever, the Indian Women Cricket team gave us enormous reason to celebrate this World Cup and we are sure to see many more spectacular performances from them in future tournaments. I pay my respect to all the girls who played like boss even when they weren’t sent for the tournament with the same kind of expectations and enthusiasms that we show for our male team. Hats off to each and every member of this squad.

Jai Hind!


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