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Review: Jagga Jasoos: Musical, Unique but interesting in parts! **½

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When I saw the trailer of Jagga Jasoos on Youtube, I wasn’t very much impressed with it and found it very boring. But when I decided to watch it, I had prepared to go in with a positive mindset even though my parents started uttering “0 Star” within the first ten minutes of the movie. But after watching the movie, I can say that the spirit of Anurag Basu is undeniably and unarguably challenging and worth-applauding. The concept in his mind and its projection on screen with such a cinematic experience tells the hard-work he has put in this movie. The 3-years long time is visible in each and every frame.

The movie starts with Katrina telling bored little children different cases of Jagga Jasoos and declares even her being a part of his adventure. The way music is used in this movie is incredible and something which the Indian audience has not seen before. That is why the movie is not getting accepted here because people are finding music as a lighter note and not concentrating towards the story that is been told through it. Later on, when Jagga’s father disappears leaving Jagga Jasoos alone in a boarding school and the way he discusses his theories with his friends there is enjoyable as a viewer.

Later on, the main case on which the whole movie revolves is discussed in the 2nd half. This part should have been enough interesting to move the viewers but unfortunately, it seems as if the writer did not have more creative thinking to make this look little more difficult. All the secrets and suspense are revealed just like that without any unpredictability. The viewers themselves know what might happen in the next scene. The main problem and the biggest one is the length of the film which it didn’t deserve. It’s easy to find Jagga Jassos interesting till 105-120 minutes but post that each minute seems to be a challenge for the audience because even too much music is a problem. Hence, that’s the plus point of the movie and also the biggest negative of it.

Talking about the performances, Ranbin Kapoor as Jagga Jasoos does wonderful and keeps the same expression on his face through the movie and never leaves his character. He is the person after Anurag Basu for whom this movie will always be remembered. Katrina Kaif, once again, acts as plain as it gets possible. Not convincing at all. Saswata Chatterjee is incredible in his role and he is the life of this movie after Ranbir Kapoor. Overall, considering the length of the movie, its superb visuals and the predictable suspense in the 2nd half, I give this movie 2.5 star out of 5.



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