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My bouquet, for you by Rukmini Dey (Book Review-3*/5) !!!

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There are very few books that you can finish within half an hour. And when the book is about poetry and poems with just 65 pages, it can be finished even within 15-20 minutes. But the effect of the book stays only if the words embedded in the sentences are enough to reach your heart and make you say “WOW” after understanding the depth of it. This is the same feeling you get when you will read this very short collection of poems written by Rukmini Dey named “My bouquet, for you”. The book is published by Zorba publication that I have tried for the first time and I am quite impressed with their choice.

The poetess talks about small things in this book through poems which she experiences in her daily life. There are poems dedicated to her particular friends. There are poems dedicated to her trips, vacations and journeys. There are words which tell us about her love with mathematics as she either talks about it directly or uses it as metaphor to compare it with something else.  She also speaks about how Rabindranath Tagore is next to Jesu for her as his poems and writings are something which is very close to her. There is another funny four lines of her husband. It can be said that poetess has actually offered her bouquet to her readers through this book.

The poems are written in easy language unlike how mostly English poems are written. Some poems are just describable about something or some moments while some of them are really deep in their meanings which rejoice the reader in you. The book makes you feel about the unobserved and unforgotten elements around you. The book is a very good flavor for a reader to taste once in a week as few write-ups are really nostalgic. I give this try 3 star out of 5.



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