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The Fragrance of Rose by Chirajit Paul (Book Review- 3.25*/5) !!!

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There are many books that I have read where a female goes into sexual relationships with many male counterparts throughout the story. Sometimes, its written with a motive to interest only those readers who are interested to read sexual stuffs but most of the times, such books are written to let the readers go through the story of a female who had to get into sexual relationships with many men in her life because of some valid reasons which were unavoidable. The book written with the latter reason is what I prefer reading out of the two. I picked up a book with the similar plot named “The Fragrance of Rose” written by Chirajit Paul which also has tagline saying “Beauty-Dignity-Ambition”. The book is published by one of the most popular publication house- Srishti. 

The writing style of the author, Chirajit, is easy and fluid which help this book a lot in turns of narration and flow. The way each scenario is bifurcated from another is very well managed. The characters are handled properly because of which the readers do not get confused in remembering the names and their relation with the protagonist. The character of Rinita Bose is portrayed wonderfully as it can make any girl who has gone through the similar phase in her life to look forward to her ambitions and desires with dignity. 

The story does justice to the reader’s time. The circumstances that the author have chosen in which the protagonist has to give away her body to the men she would have never even given another glance is imaginable and genuine. The book never looks like desperation to make readers fall for it due to sexual scenes. Author handles these moments nicely in the book. This book is not like a revenge-drama or something but about the years a girl goes through the same loop again and again due to the mindset of the men she gets accompanied with. The book is not stretchy and ends where the reader feels it should end. The climax is little down in terms of the ending of the book but still, this book is great to accompany you while traveling. I give this one 3.25 out of 5.



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