17 July 2017 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: MOM: A riveting revenge-drama! ***½

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There are many Bollywood movies that are based on taking revenge from a villain who has either spoiled your life or someone’s whom you love more than anything else. Considering the current state of our nation, rape is one crime that is happening like marriages every now and then. There is no stringent law which can reduce the frequency of this crime and people are worried about how to handle this effectively. In this mindset, come several films where rapists are being punished by a civilian itself away from any law and order. One such film has released recently named “MOM” featuring Sridevi.

MOM is an amazing movie where a mother’s plight is shown after her daughter suffers assault. The law releases all the four rapists because of lack of evidences and proofs. The victim has almost lost her mind and starts behaving psychically. Her stepmother playing by Sridevi cannot see this happening and takes a strong decision of taking action against these rapists out of everyone’s notice. She starts planning and does her part to ensure that all the rapists suffer as deeply as her daughter and understand that raping a girl is not a game but one of the biggest crimes in the world.

The movie is made very intelligently covering the mindset of a rape victim, her parents and policemen involved in covering the details of the crime. The only thing not covered in this movie in the mindset of the rapists as director believes that there is no use of making these guys uttering vulgar and dirty words to tell how wicked they are. Also, the rape scene in the car is handled appropriately by not showing a single scene of rape making this movie an easy-watch with family. Everyone already knows what kind of wild act is being carried out. Such approach of story-telling from the director’s vision is what impressed me about MOM.

The movie engages the audience with its fast-paced plot with amazing performances. Sridevi gives a solid performance by not overdoing any of her parts. Nawazuddin Siddiqui kills it with his humour and one-sentences and lightens the grave situation on which the movie is based upon. Akshay Khanna has also played his part well. I feel that his role should have been little more in the movie as it could have made it more special for the audiences. The climax is also treated very well assuring that the viewer leaves the theater with smile. I give this movie 3.5 star out of 5.



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