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Somewhere To Go by Shambhavi (Book Review-3.5*/5) !!!

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After reading books belonging to different genres, I finally read a book after going through its synopsis which fascinated me a lot. “Somewhere To Go” is written by Shambhavi and published by Rupa Publication. This 200-pages book is a stuff that can be read in one sitting. The book is based upon how a boy in a relationship working in a good media company suddenly takes the decision to go on a spiritual path to find himself. The suspense about what he would do in the end- return back to his previous life to be back again with his dear people or find his calling in the world of loneliness itself keeps this book a good page-turner. Even though the plot is simple but the way author has narrated the whole scenario makes this book worth reading.

The book is written in a very good flow making it sure that reader does not find any difficulty in identifying the characters and their backdrop. The characterization is done very wonderfully making it sure that every character who passes just as a cameo in this book also leaves an impression on your mind. As the character is shown to be very dedicated initially towards being spiritual etc, the way he has to struggle while treading on this journey and the easy decisions that he ends up taking makes this story sound more realistic. The first half of the book is very difficult for the reader to adjust with considering the tough decision that the protagonist is about to take. The second half turns little boring but it is interesting to read about what really would happen if someone takes a decision of this sort.

Talking about the drawbacks of the book, I found that author only concentrated on the protagonist and left all the other characters as a by-product of the story. Even the girlfriend of the protagonist isn’t discussed after he moves on to his journey. It would have been interesting if author would have added some parallel plot about how other characters struggled after the protagonist moved away. Also, there are many typos in the book which makes it look silly on the publication’s end. Rest, this is a book I liked reading as the genre is of my interest. I give this book 3.5* out of 5.



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